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Jaguars DE Josh Allen calls loss vs. 49ers embarrassing: ‘We lost bad’

The Jaguars put one of their worst efforts on display vs. the 49ers on Sunday.

NFL: NOV 21 49ers at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It wasn’t even close.

From the onset of the contest, it didn’t look that close for the Jaguars on Sunday during the team’s 30-10 blow-out loss to the San Francisco 49ers. While the defense held the 49ers to just three points on their impressive, 13+ minute opening drive to start the contest, it didn’t matter the rest of the way as the team continued to shoot themselves in the foot.

Jaguars defensive end Josh Allen, who finished the game with a career-high 10 tackles, was upset, frustrated and disappointed following the loss, calling it “embarrassing” after what the team put on display.

“We lost bad,” Allen said in postgame, speaking frankly. “It’s embarrassing, and we should feel (bad) — because no group played special, you know what I’m saying? We can all testament. I can speak for that too. I feel like as a D-line, the standard we hold ourselves, I feel like we can always play better.

“DBs, the offense, special teams, you know what I’m saying? We just all have to take accountability for ourselves and to look at the film and really grow from this as a player watching yourself.”

On offense, the Jaguars mustered just three points until the final minutes of the game with the contest already out of reach and the 49ers playing primarily prevent defense as to allow more time to wind down, getting ready to get back on the plane to their home state of California.

The Jaguars were able to muster just 14 first downs, their second-lowest total on the season (12, Week 2, Denver Broncos), they gained just 200 net yards on the day, also their second-lowest total on the year. The team simply never got it going, committing two three-and-outs and turning the ball over on three out of its first four drives of the game.

Jacksonville would have just seven total drives on the day. That’s not winning football.

As for the defense, it wouldn’t be until the third quarter when the 49ers punted the football for the first time. By then, it didn’t matter, the Jaguars defensive had already given up three touchdowns and two field goals.

The touchdown drives would come of the longer variety, aside from the 14-yard drive gifted to the 49ers thanks to a fumble on the first play of the offense’s second drive of the game. Key penalties would be the culprit for Jacksonville remaining on the field for so long during San Francisco’s first drive, something that Allen feels cost them the game.

“What I know — what I knew, though, we lost because of penalties, I feel like, said Allen. “Until I watch the film, yeah, I’ll probably have a different view. But from what I see and what I feel, I feel like, if we didn’t have as many penalties, we would have had momentum earlier, and I feel like that could have changed the outcome of the game.”

The Jaguars defense committed two key penalties on third downs during the 49ers first drive of the game, a holding called on safety Rayshawn Jenkins on the first third-and-five, and an offside penalty called on defensive end Dawaune Smoot, both penalties negated sacks for the Jacksonville defense.

On the 49ers third drive of the game, and their shortest field position of the game, the Jaguars committed two key penalties, one against Jenkins again, a personal foul that would send him packing for the day, ejected after throwing a punch. That one would come on third-and-two, negating a drive-stopping tackle-for-loss by Andrew Wingard.

Another came against Damien Wilson (pass interference) and K’Lavon Chaisson (roughing the passer) on second-and-nine. While, perhaps, the Jaguars would have still lost as badly as they did, thanks in part to its offense, the penalties certainly didn’t help and Allen is right in feeling as though they ultimately cost them key plays during the contest.

Frankly, there isn’t much more than that to gather from the team’s disappointing loss, its eighth of the season. Allen will go back and watch the film, understanding that next week the team faces the Atlanta Falcons for yet another home game shortly after Thanksgiving.

“I’m ready to go home, watch this film, and grow from it. I feel like everybody is going to feel the same way too. It’s growth for the team. Hopefully we grow from it.”