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78 percent of Jaguars fans want Urban Meyer gone to Notre Dame

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Unfortunately everything is a bit hard for the Jaguars after being primed for the most exciting season in franchise history... but the future is looking bright!

If it were up to Jacksonville Jaguars fans, Urban Meyer would be on the next flight to South Bend.

Last night, Pete Prisco tweeted that nearly all Jaguars fans would want Urban to leave Jacksonville and start coaching Notre Dame. Some took it as a joke. Surely, he’s joking. Right? RIGHT?!

If the current poll (vote here!) is any indication, it’s not a joke at all.

We’re currently at more than 2,200 votes and 78.1% of people think Pete is right and that Jaguars fan do want Urban gone to coach the Fighting Irish.

And it got me thinking... when else has the Jaguars fanbase united like this behind an on-the-field opinion?

Even If He’s Released? Blake Bortles? Tom Coughlin?

It feels different this time around. I can’t really put my finger on the how so much as the why though—Urban is hurting this franchise more than any one player or coach ever has. And not only that, but he’s putting our QB1 in an impossible situation that will (at best) stifle his development and (at worst) ruin him.

Yes, this is a bad roster. Yes, this is a rookie quarterback learning the ropes. Yes, you are a first-time NFL head coach doing the same.

But the mental errors... the absence of your best players in the red zone... the hiring of racist strength coaches... the off-the-field indiscretions... the lack of answers in the post-game pressers...

With all the previous watershed moments where we knew something needed to change, it was largely us joking around for the memes—there was a limited scope of decline for each player or coach.

But now? I think people are genuinely angry because if swinging for the fences with the most sought-after coach and a generational quarterback doesn’t work, then nothing will. It’s not a new hope, it’s the last hope. And while we sit and pray and hope, we’re subjected to on-the-field performances that cause fits of laughter around the league.

Add in a coaching staff and ownership group who keeps preaching patience despite a decade of losing more games than any other team in the league and... well... sigh...

Go Jaguars.