NFL 2021: What Next for the Jaguars after Ending Losing Streak?

The Jacksonville Jaguars ended a 20-game losing run by beating the Miami Dolphins 23-20 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on October 17 but lost to Seattle Seahawks by a big margin in their next assignment.

After a brilliant career in college football, it was Urban Meyer's first victory as an NFL head coach and the Jaguars' first win in 399 days.

However, the Jaguars should be careful not to get too excited with a 1-20 record in their previous 21 games.

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The Jaguars' next match came against the Seattle Seahawks, and it looked like they were back to factory settings.

Where do the Jacksonville Jaguars stand in relation to the rest of the NFL after their defeat to the Seattle Seahawks?

With how much the Jags struggled in Seattle against the sinking Seahawks, everything seemed to be back to square one for them after breaking their pattern.

Having said that, the Jaguars' upcoming schedule does provide them with some realistic chances to score some more points. We take a peek at what's coming up in the next few weeks.

Buffalo Bills (H) - November 7

The Bills boast a strong defense and a lethal attack that has managed 104 points in three away games this season and will go all out against the leaky Jaguars' defense.

The Jaguars are averaging under 20 points per game at home this season, so a win against the Bills would be another massive surprise.

The Indianapolis Colts (A) - November 14

Although the situation in Indianapolis has shifted a little in recent weeks, the Jaguars will fancy their chances and try to beat the Colts.

The decision to sign Carson Wentz appeared doomed from the start of the season, with the quarterback committing too many errors. He passed for 402 yards and two touchdowns during a tight 31-25 loss to the Baltimore Ravens and continued in the same way against the Houston Texans.

The Colts had a great chance to win the division against the Titans, but they fell short. It's the sort of loss that can haunt a team on the verge of missing the playoffs by a single game.

This will be a difficult journey for the Jaguars, and they will hope Wentz maintains his inconsistency which he has come to be known for in the last two seasons.

San Francisco 49ers (H) - November 21

The 49ers' Week 6 bye arrived at the perfect moment after a three-game losing streak put them to 2-3 on the season.

The loss of Raheem Mostert for the whole season is certainly a massive blow in their offensive playbook, and their defense has been underperforming.

Despite their troubles, the 49ers are still in contention for a wildcard place, and they will be eager to keep their playoff hopes alive in the coming weeks.

While reaching the Super Bowl remains a pipe dream, these 49ers have the potential to destroy opponents if everything goes their way.

They've won their past three meetings with the Jaguars and appear to be a decent chance to keep that streak going in their most recent encounter.

Atlanta Falcons (H) – November 28

The Jaguars and Falcons will go into their last game of the season in November, with both teams hoping to end the season on a high.

The Falcons were 2-3 in their first five games, including wins over the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers thrashed them in their following ties, but their offense has since improved.

The Jaguars still have many openings to fill elsewhere on their roster, so they should be able to finish November on a high note.

The Panthers have a difficult schedule ahead of them before they visit Jacksonville, which increases the Jaguars' chances of picking up two points.

The Bottom Line

The Jaguars will have a lackluster season this year, but they should be building the team around Lawrence following this developmental season.

Lawrence's growth might stagnate, even though he hasn't given us any serious cause for concern.

Coach Meyer, on the other hand, may be a more credible potential stumbling block. Meyer has taken a lot of criticism for both his on-field decisions and some off-field issues throughout six games.

Given how Meyer left Ohio State, many people criticized the Jaguars for appointing him to the NFL, claiming he was not the long-term solution.

If a staff change is in the works in Jacksonville, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the team. On the other hand, stability is always beneficial to young quarterbacks (provided it is a positive kind).

The Jaguars will face some difficult challenges in the coming seasons, but it is a route traveled before. The Browns, Cardinals, and Bengals have all gone through rebuilding in recent years and are all on the rise.

This season will be used to assess Lawrence and the young Jaguars. If all goes well, the team should become more competitive over the next few years.

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