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Big Cat Country Q&A: What the heck is wrong with this Jacksonville Jaguars team?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It’s Friday Saturday Sunday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about Urban Meyer (again), Halloween, Trevor Lawrence, and more.

Jonny from Beverly Hills, CA

Q: When will Urban Meyer be fired?

A: We’re really coming out of the gate swinging this week, huh? I don’t think Urban Meyer will be fired in-season. I do think he’ll be fired after the season is over, and that because of new tweaks in the NFL hiring rules you’ll start to see stories leaked of Shad Khan interviewing candidates around Week 14. Another fun offseason.

Rae from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How was the rest of your Halloween, Ryan?

A: It was far more enjoyable than the fourth quarter of the Seattle Seahawks game. My daughter went as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and my son went as a pumpkin. He loves pumpkins. And he just asked me this morning about next year’s costume. He’s a Halloween lifer.

Adam from Cortez, CO

Q: What was worse against the Seahawks — the play calls or the players’ execution?

A: Neither. It was how unprepared the team looked in every phase of the game. I guess that would fall under execution more so than the play calling. But when you’re coming off a bye week, you expect to see a team that isn’t getting consecutive penalties for having 12 men in the defensive huddle... or that isn’t getting blown off the ball all game long by the opposing offensive and defensive lines... or that isn’t calling for an onside kick down three scores with a minute left to play. It wasn’t just bad, it was humiliating.

James from London, UK

Q: Why should I care anymore?

A: Trevor Lawrence.

Kyle from Stafford, VA

Q: Do we even deserve to be happy?

A: Trevor Lawrence.

Travin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Should we go after Odell Beckham, Jr?

A: Sure. His base salary is lower than expected and we have a weak group of receivers. I don’t think he’s a difference-maker, but it’d be something else to talk about besides Urban Meyer’s eventual departure.

Clayton from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why does this fan base expect us to be winning with a rookie coach and quarterback? I understand we’ve been losers, but in actuality we have a winning coach and quarterback. They will work the kinks out. Next year, I expect the wins.

A: I don’t think this fan base is as upset with the losses so much as they’re upset at how we’re losing these games. In nearly half the games, the team has looked unprepared beyond anything I’ve ever seen from an NFL team. In the others, we’re still getting beat in the coaching department and we end up losing — well, except for the one where a young kicker drills a knuckleball of a 50-yarder in London.

This team will be 1-7 by this time tomorrow with one or two (possibly) winnable games in the second half of the season. We might not win another game until 2022. That’s a real possibility. The roster is bad, but it’s not 1-16 bad.

Through the first half of the season, Urban Meyer has been a net negative to the team. I don’t think that’s arguable. He’s been an off-the-field distraction, he put together a listless free agent class, he drafted poorly, and he hired lesser candidates as coaches because they were friends.

And don’t have a winning coach. We have a coach who recruited his ass off and won college football games. That’s very different than what it takes to succeed in the NFL game. We don’t know how Urban Meyer’s career will turn out a year... or five years... or 10 years from now... but as it stands now, he’s been very poor.