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Former Jaguar Josh Lambo says Urban Meyer kicked him in practice

The former kicker’s claim lands on a massive pile of accusations against Meyer and his handling of players and coaches.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Will Dickey— / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Jaguars Kicker Josh Lambo said Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer physically kicked him in practice, according to a story by the Tampa Bay Times Rick Stroud.

Lambo said that Meyer came up to him while Lambo was stretching, and says, “Hey Dips—t, make your f—king kicks,” and kicks Lambo in the leg.

According to Lambo, other players saw and heard the incident, but didn’t want to involve them.

In the story by Stroud, Lambo also said he brought up issues with how Meyer coached him during his time in Jacksonville, saying that he brought them up to the special teams coach, who brought it to Meyer. Meyer seemingly “halfway understood”.

Lambo said that he reported the incident to his agent, who then contacted the Jaguars legal team after the incident occured. Lambo’s agent and the Jaguars confirmed that legal counsel was contacted and offered Lambo a chance to meet with them, but Lambo said he has “no recollection of being able to speak with the Jaguars legal team.”

Meyer denied the incident occuring, according to Stroud. “Josh’s characterization of me and this incident is completely inaccurate, and there are eyewitnesses to refute his account,” Meyer said. “(General manager) Trent (Baalke) and I met with him on multiple occasions to encourage his performance, and this was never brought up. I was fully supportive of Josh during his time with the team and wish him nothing but the best.”

This is another one of multiple incidents that have clouded the Urban Meyer Era in Jacksonville. Four days ago, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that there was tension between Meyer, the staff and the players. Meyer and other players have denied the report that came from Pelissero, which included Meyer calling assistants “losers.”

The Jaguars are 2-11 and have lost five straight games.