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Brian Schottenheimer to call plays for Jaguars moving forward

The Jaguars will operate with a new play-caller moving forward.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Today, Jaguars interim head coach Darrell Bevell announced that Brian Schottenheimer will be calling plays for the team moving forward.

Bevell, the team’s offensive coordinator coming into the season, called plays on Sunday during his first game as the team’s interim HC. Now, he will pass on the playcalling duties to Schottenheimer for the final three games of the season after evaluating the position in Sunday’s loss against the Houston Texans.

Bevell stated that Schottenheimer would call plays most likely from the booth, a spot that Bevell called plays from for the first 13 games of the season before being promoted to interim HC following Urban Meyer’s dismissal.

Schottenheimer, 48, entered this season as the team’s passing-game coordinator and quarterbacks coach working closely with Bevell on the team’s offense and with rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

“I think it helps us in a lot of ways,” Bevell said. “No. 1, it helps me take more on of the head-coach role that I’m being asked to do, with that added responsibility. But also, we have another accomplished play-caller in our midst and to be able to let Brian take an opportunity at it and put his own personality into the offense as well.

“We’ll be, obviously, in constant communication. We game-plan together a lot anyway. So I’m really confident and happy that I’m going to be able to turn that to him.”

Schottenheimer last called plays for the Seattle Seahawks from 2018-20. Ironically, Schottenheimer was replacing Bevell when he made the jump to Seattle. Bevell had been the team’s OC from 2011-17 before being let go.

Last season, Bevell retained playcalling duties even while being the Detroit Lions’ interim HC for the last five games of the season. Now, he will stick to simply playing as the team’s head coach.