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3 things I want to see from Trevor Lawrence in final 3 games

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Happy Festivus, everyone! May your feats of strength be mighty, and your airing of grievances few.

Trevor Lawrence is all that matters—both in the final stretch of the season and this offseason as we lead up into the 2022 NFL season. As he goes, this franchise goes. And the franchise should do everything they can to set him up to succeed.

John Shipley over at Sports Illustrated did an excellent job breaking down how the team should use free agency and the NFL Draft to surround Lawrence with not only talent, but the right talent. But I’d like to dig into the immediate future and talk about what I’d like to see from the rookie quarterback in the final three games.

Let’s get to it.

Week 16 at New York Jets

Production. There is no team giving up more yards to opposing offenses than the Jets and their 391.8 yards per game. They have the 27th ranked pass defense. They have the 30th ranked pass defense. They’re the only team giving up 30 or more points per game. They rank tied for third-worst in the league with just 12 turnovers.

It’s not rocket science—I want him to succeed in a way that your average Cole Joe can scan the box scores and go, “Trevor did pretty well, huh?”

Week 17 at New England Patriots

If there’s a polar opposite of the Jets defense, it’s the Patriots. They’re near the top of the league in nearly every defensive statistical category other than run defense, ranking 24th in the league as they give up 122.4 yards per game on the ground.

As opposed to the week before, I don’t expect Trevor to finish with a great stat line. But I want him to do enough in the short passing game to set the team up well to run for short third down conversions and stay as far away from any #NotSCTop10 lists.

Week 18 vs. Indianapolis Colts

If the Jets are cold and the Patriots are hot, the Colts are... lukewarm. That’s not to say their defense is bad. It’s not. But they’re not good. They hover right around the middle of the league when it comes to yards given up, opposing third down conversion success, penalties, and more.

But no team has picked off more passes than the Colts this year, who currently stand at 23 interceptions.

I’m not saying I don’t want Trevor to not throw picks. But I do want to see the turnover-worthy passes to a minimum. If a guy runs a wrong route or bobbles it or a defensive back makes a great play, that’s fine. But don’t miss a guy over the middle and throw it to the safety behind him, okay?

All in all...

Go Jaguars.