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Jaguars should hire Jim Caldwell to be next head coach

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars will begin interviewing candidates for their head coaching vacancy this week and have already been reportedly interested in the likes of Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and former head coaches Doug Pederson and Jim Caldwell. All three seem like obvious candidates to interview for the job, but without even knowing how else the Jaguars are interested, I think the choice is an easy one for what the Jaguars need.

The Jaguars should make the boring, but correct decision, and hire former Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. While someone like Leftwich would be a homerun swing and he comes highly regarded in league circles, Caldwell would be the smart choice for what the Jaguars need in the immediate. That’s not to say if the Jaguars ended up hiring someone like Leftwich it would be a mistake, but at this point the Jaguars need to just get on base, not necessarily a home run.

The Jaguars shouldn’t be going for the Super Bowl win right now. The Jaguars need to be able to pull themselves out of the bottom of the league and find a way to at least be a mediocre franchise with some consistency first. While that sounds ridiculous, at this point that would be an insanely massive improvement over the last decade. The Jaguars need a stabilizing force and that is exactly what Caldwell brings to the table.

Caldwell has had success as a head coach with both the Colts and the Lions, and in both situations ended up in a head scratching firing after one down season. With the Colts, Caldwell finished 14-2 with a Super Bowl loss, 10-6 with a Wild Card loss and then was fired after a 2-14 season, of which Peyton Manning was out for the season and it appeared obvious the Colts were tanking for the spot to land quarterback Andrew Luck.

It seemed the Colts just wanted a full reboot and fired Caldwell along with everyone else.

With the Lions, Caldwell ended up bringing the perennial loser to the NFL playoffs twice, including an 11-5 season his first year with the team. Amazingly Caldwell finished his stint with the Lions with three winning seasons out of four, something we haven’t seen from that franchise in ages. Caldwell was fired after many believed the general manager had wanted to bring over Matt Patricia from the Patriots since he was given the job, but once again despite multiple winning seasons Caldwell was let go to many people’s surprise.

Caldwell feels like the stabilizing force that the Jaguars franchise needs, especially with young quarterback Trevor Lawrence at the helm. As mentioned, Caldwell probably isn’t going to be that Super Bowl winning coach at this point in his career, but he has shown in the past to bring stability to where he is and getting the best out of what he has, something the Jaguars desperately need not only as a team, but as a franchise.