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Urban Meyer has got to go as soon as possible

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Unfortunately everything is a bit hard for the Jaguars after being primed for the most exciting season in franchise history... but the future is looking bright!

Don’t call Urban Meyer lazy. I’ve never seen an NFL head coach work harder at alienating fans, fellow coaches, ownership, and his best players.

(Yes, I remember Adam Gase. Urban Meyer is worse.)

James Robinson’s comment last night during an Action Sports Jax segment was just the latest in a long line of public indictments against Urban Meyer. And if you watched James Robinson, arguably the best player on offense, and came away still on the fence about Urban Meyer’s competence as an NFL head coach... you’ll never feel differently.

Brent Martineau: ”Do you feel like you got benched?”

James Robinson: ”I would say so. I mean, obviously like I said, last week, [fumbles] can’t happen. But when it happens and then you’re out for [20 snaps] you gotta feel that way. I was just waiting to come back in the game and it didn’t come until the third quarter.”

Brent Martineau: ”You tried to come on the field a time or two, Carlos Hyde tried to come off the field a time or two, were those just packages or were you being told to stay on the sideline?”

James Robinson: ”Carlos wanted a breather, I think. I was gonna run out on the field and they said no, no, no... like... I think they said never mind. I’m not sure what’s going on there.”

Dan Hicken: ”There seems to be some sort of disconnect here with the coaches and you. I’m not sure exactly why. For example, you’re in the game at the end of the game, but if you’re beat up that makes no sense for you to be in the game at the end of the game. The outcome has already been decided. So, why are you in the game? I know as a player you go in when you’re told to go in. But I don’t understand why. And Urban Meyer said today that it probably wasn’t a good idea. I don’t understand why there seems to be some sort of disconnect with you and the coaches. Do you feel that way?”

James Robinson: ”At that point, at the end of the game, I wasn’t even looking at the clock ... I knew the game was over at that point, but I probably should have been resting. I don’t know what the point of that was.”

Urban Meyer is treating one of the best young running backs in the game, and a guy who garnered legitimate Rookie Of The Year considerations last season, as a backup. He fumbles once and he’s on the sidelines for a quarter. Carlos Hyde fumbled twice and didn’t miss any reps. Receivers can’t create separation consistently, and when they do they drop the ball as often as they catch it. Andrew Norwell whiffs on blocks, but he’s still in there doing the whirly dirly whatever.

The sad thing is... James Robinson isn’t even the only player with actual talent that Urban Meyer is alienating!

Remember when he criticized DJ Chark as a ”big guy who plays little” months before the season?

Or when he let Gardner Minshew compete for the starting quarterback spot despite drafting Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick?

And that’s just personnel decisions. Never mind that he hired a racist strength coach, slept through free agency, drafted pet projects from his college days, was caught on film fooling around with women in his bar, and throws position coaches under the bus during press conferences.

Speaking of position coaches, he put Sanjay Lal in charge of his first overall pick’s receivers—a dude who has coached for 11 seasons and seen just three 1,000-yard wideouts.

The hemming and hawing and deflection of personal responsibility and accountability is actively harming the team on a scale we’ve never seen. This franchise has never had something as precious as a No. 1 overall draft pick and the guy in charge has decided to flush his first year of development down the toilet.

The sooner Urban Meyer is gone, the better.