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Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence: James Robinson has “got to be on the field”

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence voiced his opinion on RB James Robinson’s lack of touches on Wednesday.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

James Robinson is one of the best players and he’s got to be on the gridiron as much as possible.

That’s at least what Jaguars rookie QB Trevor Lawrence stated during his Wednesday press conference when asked about the situation that has led to Robinson being in the news over the past few days.

Robinson was sat down for multiple possessions on Sunday during the team’s loss against the Los Angeles Rams following a fumble he committed early in the contest. His thoughts on the subject have been well-documented, mentioning on Jags Report Live earlier this week that he couldn’t help but feel like he was benched.

After toting the rock 137 times for 678 yards and seven touchdowns thus far this season, Robinson was relegated to just eight carries for 24 yards on Sunday, losing snaps to backup RB Carlos Hyde, who has run for just 251 yards, averaging 3.5 yards per attempt to Robinson’s 4.9 YPA.

“Bottom line is James is one of our best players and he’s gotta be on the field, and we addressed it, and I feel like we’re in a good spot,” Lawrence said today when asked about Robinson’s absence for multiple snaps.

Coach Urban Meyer has also been asked ad nauseam about the situation, often relinquishing his accountability and delegating it to running backs coach Bernie Parmalee, who controls the team’s running backs rotation.

Meyer was asked about the situation yet again today, and responded with a similar message, that Robinson was taken out of the contest due to a fumble, but stated he needs to be more aware of how long the RB wasn’t in the game.

“I should be more aware of rotation of running backs and who’s at receiver,” Meyer admitted, stating that due to an injury to CB Tyson Campbell at the time, his attention was drawn elsewhere.

“I remember I was thinking, we were down corners, like close to none. So, I remember a lot of my focus was on, ‘Can we get Tyson Campbell back in time?’ and then a lot of stuff happens on the sideline.”

Lawrence has been made well aware of Robinson’s absence, however, seeing what goes on with player personnel on a down-by-down basis by virtue of his position on the field. He has already brought up the issue of Robinson not being in the game, and the team has addressed it, Lawrence said.

“The whole team, we’re good,” said Lawrence. “Whatever may have happened, I honestly don’t know everything that went into it. I’m playing the game and stuff happens on the sideline with coaching decisions. I don’t really get into that.

“But I know, and I’ve voiced my opinion, James is one of our best players and he has to be in the game. I think we’re all on the same page, so there’s no confusion there. We’re going to move forward but I know James is a hell of a player, so I want him out there.”

While the coaches are still figuring out how to get Robinson back on the field, Lawrence and his team have apparently come to an agreement that the second-year RB deserves to stay on it. Time will tell whether that holds true as the team gets set to take on the Tennessee Titans for a second time this season on Sunday.