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Jaguars Daily: 4 teams that could trade for Gardner Minshew

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re two days into the offseason and it feels great waking up knowing that Trevor Lawrence is right around the corner for this franchise.

Here’s all the Jacksonville Jaguars news that’s fit to print, or find from around the Internet — we’ve got Gardner Minshew trade destinations, Pete Prisco throwing his hat in the ring for the team’s playoff chances, and more.

4 teams that could trade for Gardner Minshew

This offseason, the quarterback carousel is spinning hard and many teams are looking to upgrade the most important position on the football field. The Detroit Lions already shipped Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles could trade Carson Wentz at any moment.

Those may not be the only trades that will materialize this offseason. The Panthers reportedly offered a first-round selection and Teddy Bridgewater for Stafford, and they may not be done looking for a signal-caller. Keep in mind that the demand for quarterbacks outweighs the supply, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few teams make a run for Gardner Minshew.

BCC Q&A: How much is Gardner Minshew worth in a trade?

In our most recent Q&A article, we talked about Jalen Ramsey, Deshaun Watson, potential free agent targets, Gardner Minshew’s trade value, and more.

Check it out here!

Pete Prisco likes Jaguars’ playoff chances

There might not be anybody higher on the Jaguars’ chances to improve than CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco, who believes the postseason is a real possibility for the Jaguars next season.

With a bolstered staff, a plethora of cap space, and several draft picks, Prisco said he felt the Jaguars were an easy fix after the Super Bowl, but added they wouldn’t be ready for a push for the Lombardi Trophy until later.

Re-draft of the 2020 NFL Draft: What would the Jaguars do differently?

The Super Bowl is over. Free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft are right around the corner. It’s time for the Jacksonville Jaguars to shine, folks.

ESPN had all their team reporters re-draft the first two rounds — all 64 picks — and asked them to explain their reasoning, especially in the instances when they went away from what the teams they cover had done. The order that follows is from when the draft began last April.

Buccaneers players the Jaguars could sign in free agency

While the Jaguars are projected to have $73 million in cap room, the Buccaneers will have $24 million and may need to cut a few players if they want to have enough wiggle room to make meaningful moves this offseason. Tom Brady may want a raise and tight end Rob Gronkowski is set to become hit the open market.

Lavonte David and Shaquil Barrett, two of Tampa Bay’s most important defensive players, are also scheduled to become free agents. Even though it’s not feasible to re-sign all of them, the Buccaneers will need as much cap room as they can get to keep one or two of them.

That’s why they may end up releasing these two players.

Chiefs players the Jaguars could sign in free agency

The Chiefs have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL but may not be able to keep it together in the offseason. They are currently $19 million over the cap and will need to restructure a few contracts and release some players in order to get out of the red.

These two could get the pink slip soon.

Jaydon Mickens goes from sleeping in car while on Jaguars practice squad to Super Bowl champion

When Jaydon Mickens first got to the Jacksonville Jaguars as a member of their practice squad three years ago, the former undrafted wide receiver found himself sleeping in his car in the parking lot at Everbank Field.

Three years later, he’s got a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.