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Big Cat Country Q&A: Would you trade for Allen Robinson if the Bears tag him?

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions just a few weeks out from the NFL free agency window opening!

Today we’re talking about Allen Robinson, Urban Meyer’s preferences on the offense, teal jerseys, and more.

James from London, UK

Q: Providing Allen Robinson gets tagged and traded by the Bears, what would be an acceptable trade package for the Jaguars to offer? Would the 25th overall pick be worth it (if in play) considering the team’s other needs?

A: No, I wouldn’t trade for Allen Robinson if he’s tagged. I like Allen Robinson (a lot) but he’s not worth a first round draft pick. I’d sign him to as large a contract as he wants, but I wouldn’t add to that giving up the chance to upgrade the defensive line or secondary to do so.

Oliver from Birmingham, UK

Q: What is the over/under for Trevor Lawrence MVPs?

A: Next year? Probably 0.5. I’m taking the over.

Chadwick from Yulee, FL

Q: I would guess that Urban Meyer will use the free agent period to spend money on a top tier target or two, but do you have a sense of what he might do to handle roster depth? Do you think he will opt for veterans in the second wave of free agency or mainly bring in fresh talent from the draft and college free agency? I’m asking because I feel like he may want to start off with a very young roster that would be more likely to listen to his message.

A: I don’t think Urban will go into free agency thinking he has to sign guys who will listen to him. Jaguars players lit up social media when Urban was announced. I think they’re bought in because they see how much success he’s had already and he has a lot of respect among former players. As far as free agency, I think Urban will want to spend big on the defensive line and secondary with depth signings at tight end, quarterback, wide receiver, and running back. I think he likes the offensive line, as evidenced by his comments earlier and the fact he kept George Warhop as the offensive line coach, but I still think a premier left tackle could be on Urban’s radar.

Branson from Charlotte, NC

Q: Is Sidney Jones a starter on this defense next year? He played decent enough to at least get a shot.

A: He’ll make the 53-man roster easily.

Michael from Leeds, UK

Q: Which is a greater need in free agency for Urban Meyer’s offense — tight end or wide receiver? Do you think we address both in free agency or the NFL Draft?

A: I think it’s tight end for the simple reason that’s our weakest position on offense. Urban will try to balance the offense as well he can, and that means upgrading at tight end. As far as where we get those upgrades, I think it happens in free agency and the NFL Draft. I’d be shocked if we didn’t sign a tight end in the first week of free agency and didn’t couple that with a tight end in the third round, at the latest.

Steve from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Trevor Lawrence, the presumed No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, is having surgery to fix his non-throwing shoulder. If he had torn his ACL in the title game, would you still select him first overall? I’m inclined to say yes.

A: Yes, but I hate you for making me think of the alternate universe where this actually happened, Steve.

Isaac from Stony Brook, NY

Q: Who are your top three free agents the Jaguars should target this free agency?

A: Matt Judon, Eric Ebron, and Trent Williams.

Jim from Kingsland, GA

Q: Because we spent so much draft capital on Taven Bryan, will the new coaching staff get us any return on that investment? Is he working hard enough to become a force on our defensive line?

A: I don’t think this new regime is as tied to Taven as the previous one. I don’t think he’ll ever be better than a backup and he’ll be a quick cut once his rookie contract runs out, if we don’t find someone to trade for him first.

Casey from Duval, FL

Q: Teal primary?

A: Teal primary, Casey. My best memories of this team are from them wearing teal — Tony Boselli’s raising his helmet after Morten Andersen’s miss, Fred Taylor’s 90-yard touchdown, James Stewart jumping over the goal line package, Jimmy Smith blocking Brock Marian into oblivion, Mark Brunell’s scrambles, Keenan McCardell’s catches over the middle, Tony Brackens dancing into the end zone... it’s been tough sledding since those early days, although Maurice Jones-Drew and others filled in admirably. It doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still a nice little nostalgia hit.

Brian from Yulee, FL

Q: How many current defensive starters will be on the field at the beginning of our first game?

A: Depending on the alignment, I could see five players new to the Jaguars being starters in Week 1 — defensive tackle, cornerback, both safeties, and a linebacker.