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Jaguars Daily: Keenan McCardell compares Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen to Thunder & Lightning combo

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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Happy Monday, everyone! We’re here and we’re at the start of another week. But at least we’re one day closer to NFL free agency and Trevor Lawrence as our official QB1, right?

Here’s all the Jacksonville Jaguars news that’s fit to print, or find from around the Internet.

Keenan McCardell compares Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen to great Jaguars combo

Keenan McCardell has seen some pretty great receivers in his time as an NFL player and coach. He’s coached a lot of them during his time as a coach and, you know, he was one himself during his NFL career.

But McCardell has compared two of his newest charges, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, to one of the most dominant wide receiver pairings of the late 90s and early 2000s. That combo is the former Jacksonville Jaguars pairing of Jimmy Smith and. . .get this. . .Keenan McCardell.

Read all of McCardell’s comments here.

Should the Jaguars trade for Marshon Lattimore?

The Jaguars need to bolster their secondary and although both the draft and free agency will offer some attractive options, they should consider trading for proven players. Orlando Brown Jr. could be one potential target and Marshon Lattimore may be another one.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated recently offered some suggestions for the NFL teams with the most cap space this offseason and the Jaguars showed up at the top of the list. Before he started though, he emphasized the fact these were just ideas and not official reports.

Breer thinks Jacksonville should call the Saints to inquire about Lattimore’s availability on a trade.

Would you trade for Allen Robinson if he was tagged?

We answered some questions just a few weeks out from the NFL free agency window opening, and talked about Allen Robinson, Urban Meyer’s preferences on the offense, teal jerseys, and more.

Read the full BCC Q&A here.

Why Jaguars should trade up to draft Kyle Pitts

There were many reasons why the Jaguars were able to win just one game last season and having one of the worst offenses in the NFL played a big role. They knew band-aid solutions wouldn’t work, so they cleaned the house and brought in Darrell Bevell to oversee that side of the ball.

Bevell has put a few top-5 scoring offenses on the field throughout his coaching career, so he could definitely kick start the Jaguars’ offense. However, if the team’s brass wants their offensive coordinator to succeed, they will need to get him a few playmakers this offseason.

5 not-so-bold predictions for the Jaguars in free agency

With less than a month to go before the NFL 2021 offseason breaks open with free agency, we look at the Jacksonville Jaguars needs, wants and likely scenarios when it comes to the free-for-all.

Here are five “not-so-bold” predictions for the Jaguars in free agency next month.

Dabo Swinney: Trevor Lawrence will be an “international superstar”

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has already put one star quarterback into the NFL in Deshaun Watson, and now he’s about to watch another make that jump in Trevor Lawrence. Expectations are high for Lawrence, who is being dubbed one of the best quarterback prospects ever and the biggest sure-thing since Andrew Luck in 2012. But Swinney expects him to meet — and even exceed — those expectations.

After Lawrence’s pro day on Friday, Swinney told NFL Network’s Jane Slater that he would be an “international superstar” within the next 10 years, according to The Clemson Insider.

Urban Meyer gave Trevor Lawrence three options ahead of NFL Draft

Following successful surgery on Tuesday to repair a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder, projected No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence is expected to be full go for NFL training camp later this year, a positive development for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer, who most are picking to select the Clemson signal caller.

In a recent interview this week with NFL Network, Meyer said he called for Lawrence’s Pro Day last week so he and a couple of his new coaches could get an up-close view of his talent prior to surgery.

‘’We did a Zoom call with him, and I asked him — there are three choices you have. No. 1, you can wait until March 11 Pro Day – but now you are getting near August [for a recovery time],’’ Meyer said on NFL Network, via ‘That’s getting late because it’s a five-month recovery. It’s a six-month injury. The second thing, you can not throw. He’s probably a good enough player, but he said, ‘I’m not doing that.’

Third thing, I said why don’t you just grab the ball and go throw for a little bit? I’d like to send our coordinator and passing-game coordinator to watch. They’ve never seen him. I’ve seen him, so he said, ‘Let’s go.’”

Jaguars coaches hint that OL may not be a top need

As important as the quarterback position is, perhaps the most crucial building block for a successful offensive unit is the guys up front. You can have talent under center and at the running back position, but if your offensive line can’t allow you the time to make things happen, it’s pointless.

That’s the reason why many expect the Jaguars to be aggressive in addressing offensive line needs both in free agency, with veterans like Trent Williams available, and through the draft. Assuming Jacksonville takes Trevor Lawrence with the first pick, it would make sense if building up a strong offensive front was a top priority.

But a recent quote from head coach Urban Meyer after Lawrence’s pro day indicates the Jacksonville coaching staff may not see the offensive line as a major weakness.

5 free agents the Jaguars could sign next month

The Jacksonville Jaguars are primed for a big spending spree once free agency opens on March 17th. According to Over the Cap, the Jaguars have around $77 million in cap space.

That’s the most in the NFL.

Having this much cap space is going to allow the Jaguars to make a run at some big named free agents, who might like the idea of playing on this young, up-and-coming team. With their need at quarterback solved through the 2021 NFL Draft and Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars are able to turn their attention to free agency for some of their other needs.

Here are five free agents the Jaguars could target in the next few weeks.

Urban Meyer has to prioritize the tight end position

The Jaguars have been without a playmaking tight end since they had Mercedes Lewis on the roster in 2017. The tight end position has been evolving for some time now and we have seen how important players like Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and George Kittle have become for their respective teams.

Tight end hasn’t been a major focus of past Urban Meyer offenses. He didn’t like the idea of using one initially while he was coaching the Florida Gators but began to warm up to the idea when he saw how beneficial they could become in a spread offense.

Michael DiRocco wrote in 2010: “Meyer started looking for mismatches wherever he could — and he eventually figured out the best way to do that was find someone big enough to play on the line of scrimmage but fast and athletic enough to catch passes.”

Read more here.