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Jaguars legend Tony Boselli passed over for Pro Football Hall of Fame for fifth-straight year

After five years of making it to the finalist list for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Tony Boselli will have to wait a while longer to etch his name in history.

Jaguars Tony Boselli Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars legend Tony Boselli was passed over yet again for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After five years of making it into the top-15 finalist list for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Boselli will have to wait at least another year longer.

If there was ever a year for Boselli to arrive in Canton, Ohio it was this year — it was admittedly a weak class aside from Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson.

Boselli spent the first seven years of his career in Jacksonville before being forced to retire due to injuries after being selected by the Houston Texans in the 2002 expansion draft. One of the most dominant left tackles of his era, Boselli has all the makings of a Hall of Fame player, however it seems the longevity argument has won yet again.

The former Jaguars left tackle played in only 90 games during his career, however that has yet to stop the Hall of Fame committee from enshrining players such as former Broncos running back Terrell Davis (78 games) and Seahawks safety Kenny Easley (89 games). Nevertheless, Boselli was not inducted.

At the offensive line position, Hall of Fame center Dwight Stevenson started 87 games, three less than Boselli (90) in his career.

Multiple legends, including Anthony Muñoz (arguably the best left tackle in NFL history) have spoken highly of the former Jaguars great in anticipation of him making it into the 2020 class. The wait has been brutal for Boselli and the Jaguars organization who have yet to enshrine a single Hall of Fame player — the only franchise yet to have a single player tied to them in the Hall of Fame.