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Big Cat Country Q&A: Who is the biggest free agent priority?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions with NFL free agency right around the corner!

Today we’re talking about free agency priority, backup running backs, a secondary that needs a lot of help, and more.

Tyler from Pickerington, OH

Q: Who do you think is the biggest target for the Jaguars in free agency? Try and go after Kenny Golladay?

A: I think safety will end up being the biggest priority for Urban Meyer, followed closely by tight end and wide receiver. The Los Angeles Rams didn’t put the franchise tag on John Johnson and he’s the best option out there for a Jaguars secondary that was... well... not very good, Tyler.

But make no mistake, Urban wants to upgrade a lot of positions, namely tight end, wide receiver, running back, and defensive line. I wouldn’t be surprised by an absolutely bananas free agency window with Urban running the show.

Brandon from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is Jonnu Smith our top priority at tight end or do you think we should trade up our second first-round pick for Kyle Pitts?

A: I don’t think Urban wants to trade the farm for Kyle Pitts, which is exactly what he’d need to do. Pitts is going in the top-10 and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. As far as Jonnu Smith, yes, he’s probably a target, but the tight end market is flooded. Hunter Henry, Gerald Everett... it’s a good year to need a plug-and-play tight end.

Lee from Jacksonville, FL

Q: While Urban Meyer talked about building a running backs room around James Robinson, most teams are now employing the two-headed monster approach to their running game. Do you see the team taking a run at any of the bigger named running backs that have hit the market?

A: Yup. Chris Carson is at the top of Urban Meyer’s list. If he’s signed, I don’t think James Robinson moves out of the “bell-cow back” role. Despite Jay Gruden’s reluctance to use him in close games, Robinson showed he’s a Pro Bowl-caliber running back despite only being on the field for 62% of the offense’s snaps last year.

Michael from Leeds, UK

Q: Which is a greater need in free agency for Urban Meyer’s offense — tight end or wide receiver? Do you think we address both in free agency or the NFL Draft?

A: I think it’s tight end for the simple reason that’s our weakest position on offense. Urban will try to balance the offense as well he can, and that means upgrading at tight end. As far as where we get those upgrades, I think it happens in free agency and the NFL Draft. I’d be shocked if we didn’t sign a tight end in the first week of free agency and didn’t couple that with a tight end in the third round, at the latest.

Brian from Yulee, FL

Q: How many free agents will the Jaguars sign this year?

A: I’m gonna say six before next weekend.

Josh from Kansas City, MO

Q: Any chance we land both Jonu Smith and Hunter Henry? Or is that too much money to throw at the tight end position? If picking just one, which one and why is he better than the other?

A: That’s too much money. I’d rather land Hunter Henry because he’s a little bigger, but I’d be happy with either.

Thomas from Gainesville, FL

Q: Realistically speaking, how many upgrades on current starters will it take to get both the offense and defense playing at an “average” NFL level? Also, how many current starters are considered “average” or better?

A: If Trevor Lawrence is as good as we hope, that will go a long way. You need to rebuild the defensive line and secondary too. I think this team should be challenging for the AFC South in 2022.

Todd from Glen Burnie, MD

Q: I keep hearing people say Zach Wilson can do things Trevor Lawrence can’t do. What specifically are those things?

A: Get drafted after Trevor Lawrence.