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Jaguars reportedly restructure contract for left guard Andrew Norwell

Andrew Norwell will stay in Jacksonville for at least the 2021 season after his contract was restructured.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The Jaguars and left guard Andrew Norwell have agreed to a contract restructuring, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter earlier this morning. The restructure will turn his contract into a one-year deal worth up to $12M, including $9M fully guaranteed.

Norwell was slated to have two years left on his contract, including the 2021 season. Now. it appears the veteran guard is getting more money upfront in guarantees. He was originally signed to the Jaguars in 2018 on a five-year $66.5M contract with $30M in grantees. Prior to today, Norwell had no more guaranteed money left on his deal.

Set to account for $15M against the team’s salary cap this year, Norwell will now make less this year to ensure he receives more, essentially. Entering the offseason, Norwell was set to account for $15M against the Jaguars’ salary cap.

With this new restructure, he will now account up-to $12M against the salary cap, saving the team at least $3M, until we learn more details.

Norwell was always going to remain with the team this year. Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer recently praised the big man at his most recent press conference earlier this month, stating that he was one of his “favorite players” to coach, having coached Norwell during his time at Ohio State.

“He’s a guy that was the underdog when we got there at Ohio State,” said Meyer. “The offensive line at Ohio State was one of the worst in the Big 10, it became the best in the Big 10. He was a big part of it.

“I was not surprised to see him get a high free agency contract because he’s a grinder, he’s a worker, he’s a team guy, he’s a locker room guy. I see him being part of the Jaguars and I want him to be part of the Jaguars. For me personally, I love the guy because I know him better than most.”

Norwell was one of the best offensive linemen on the team last season, earning high praise from the team’s coaching staff.

Last season, Norwell played perhaps his best year yet since signing with the Jaguars. He would go on to play in 13 games, allowing just three sacks and 15 total pressures, according to Pro Football Focus.