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2021 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft: Day 1 live blog

Trevor Lawrence Workout Photo by Aubrey Lao/Getty Images

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It feels like Christmas morning, folks. The 2021 NFL Draft is finally here and the Jacksonville Jaguars (again) have two picks in the first round.

We know exactly what they’re going to do with the No. 1 overall pick — it’s Trevor Lawrence, full stop. I mean, the city changed its colors to purple and orange all over the city and its bridges, for God’s sake. But what about that second first-round pick? Will Urban Meyer force Trent Baalke’s hand and move up for a pair of future playmakers? Will he trade down and scoop up even more selections? Stay put and grab a guy in the trenches?

We’re about to find out!

We’ll be updating this live blog all day (and running live blogs every day of the draft) and packing in every rumor, piece of news, and mention of the Jaguars.

Live blog

11:23 PM: Unless there’s a trade back into the first round (which is highly unlikely) we’re done for Day 1. Good night and God bless, folks.

11:20 PM: IT’S A CLEMSON DOUBLE DIP! Jaguars draft Travis Etienne with the No. 25 overall pick!

11:05 PM: I’m not crying, you’re crying.

10:16 PM: A bit on the nose... eh, Bill?




8:23 PM: I feel this dad’s pain.

7:37 PM: Aaron Rodgers really gonna get traded to the Denver Broncos, huh?

7:18 PM: I mean... it’s a great haircut, is it not?

7:09 PM: Go Jaguars.

7:05 PM: 1 hour until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

6:15 PM: Urban Meyer with some interesting comments about the No. 25 pick... hmm...

6:02 PM: 2 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

5:09 PM: 3 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

5:05 PM: He looks 15 years old.

4:03 PM: 4 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.


3:13 PM: 5 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

2:43 PM: Oh my God what?

2:35 PM: I mean... that’s just good marketing.

2:26 PM: 6 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

12:08 PM: 8 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

10:36 AM: DJ Chark has done what now?

10:01 AM: 10 hours until Trevor Lawrence comes home.

9:09 AM: I had no idea that Kevin Hardy visited every top-5 team except for the Jaguars. Heck of a find here.

5:45 AM: This is also from last night and it’s a doozy from Big Cat Country alumni John Shipley, now with Sports Illustrated’s Jaguar Report. Insight on 150 players. Wow.

5:00 AM: This is from last night. It’s... a good tweet, Mayor Curry.