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Jaguars Owner Shad Khan donating $1 million towards revitalizing Historic Eastside Community

The investment comes in partnership with LIFT JAX and the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan in cooperation with the Jaguars Foundation is donating $1 million dollars to the LIFT JAX organization and their work in the historic Eastside community with the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation (HECDC).

The “Out East” neighborhood is one of Jacksonville’s most historic and culturally prominent African American communities, and Khan wants the Jaguars Foundation to help renew the neighborhood.

“This isn’t about cutting a check, however. It’s about all of us making a commitment of our time and resources, continued and uninterrupted, to empower our neighbors and break the cycle of poverty. That takes work and requires accountability, and the Jaguars Foundation is more than ready to do its part,” Khan told writer Brian Sexton.

LIFT JAX was organized in 2017 by business and community leaders who represent the Eastside of Jacksonville, a historically Black community. The organization works hand in hand with neighborhood leaders to “eradicate generational poverty in Jacksonville.”

Since 2020, Khan has been fairly active within the Jacksonville community. Last year Khan and his family donated $5 million to the Museum of Science and History to help build a new museum on shipyard property. In addition, Khan and his family donated $1 million to aid COVID-19 relief efforts in the city.

If you would like to donate to LIFT JAX, go to the link here.