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Jaguars, Urban Meyer fined for OTA violations

The organization was fined $200,000 and Meyer himself was fined $100,000

Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars were among three teams fined for violating Organized Team Activity (OTA) protocols.

The Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and the San Francisco 49ers were each fined for breaking OTA rules, but according to Schefter, the Jaguars fine was much steeper. Schefter reports that the Jaguars were fined $200,000 and Head Coach Urban Meyer was fined $100,000. This is in comparison to the Cowboys and Niners, who were each fined $100,000 and their respective coaches were each fined $50,000.

Florida Times-Union’s John Reid reports that the specific fine for the Jaguars came from violating the non-contact rule, and the AP’s Mark Long reports that the fine stems from the June 1 practice involving contact drills between wide receivers and defensive backs.

The Jaguars issued a response to the fines, per Long: “The Jaguars are vigilant about practicing within the CBA rules and will re-emphasize offseason training rules as they relate to contact.”