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Jaguars 2021 Training Camp Outlook: Tight end is clearly the weak link

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars Minicamp Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 Jacksonville Jaguars will look quite a bit different than their 2020 counterpart, in large part because the entire coaching staff has been upended and replaced and the team picked a quarterback with the first overall pick. The team is also going through with a change in defensive schemes, so even that will look quite different.

Training camp starts just around the corner, so we can start looking through the positions to get an idea of where we are and what we can look to.

Next up, the tight end position.


James O’Shaughnessy, I guess? Your guess as to who the Jaguars default starting tight end will be is as good as mine. I tend to think it will be formation and scenario dependent.


As mentioned, I would probably default to O’Shack Hennessy as the starting tight end, but there isn’t really a clear cut favorite. You have the wild card in Tim Tebow, who by all accounts has looked just fine and not out of place at the position through OTAs. Training camp and the preseason will be a genuinely interesting thing to see from him. The team drafted Luke Farrell out of Ohio State, who Meyer is familiar with, but he’s more known as a blocking tight end. I expect the Jaguars to be pretty run focused early, so that makes sense. The team also signed Chris Manhertz, and returns Tyler Davis and Ben Ellefson.