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Big Cat Country Q&A: Let’s talk about Walker Little

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about the offensive line competition, Taven Bryan, and more!

Xavier from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What has been the impression of Walker Little so far in camp? And do you think eventually he takes over the left tackle spot?

A: Let’s start with Urban Meyer’s observation, because I think it’s the most poignant and important...

“He is probably better than I thought and I thought he would be really good.”

Sounds like a ringing endorsement from the man who runs this team, right? But what does that mean? What specifically is Little doing that’s making him stand out?

First things first, he was impressive in shorts and looks even better with pads on. That’s exactly what you want out of an offensive lineman — a noticeable jump in performance when the drills and live action looks more like football. But more than that, he’s been dominant. He bested K’Lavon Chaisson in one-on-one drills, which might not sound impressive due to Chaisson’s underwhelming rookie season, but at the very least Chaisson is a fast player off the edge. Little’s ability to match that speed is a very, very good sign.

All in all, Little isn’t pushing for that left tackle spot... yet. But I think he will sooner rather than later. And don’t forget, he can play on the right side too. It’s not his preference, but Jawaan Taylor has a better chance at disappointing than Cam Robinson, so his path to a starting spot could be there too.

Logan from Green Cove Springs, FL

Q: Is Taven Bryan making the final 53-man roster? I just don’t see where he’d fit in. Seems like we have a whole slew of guys that we either brought in or have out performed him in games. Is there even a remote chance we find a trade partner for him?

A: If Taven weren’t a first round pick, he’d have been cut a long time ago.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Q: If you had to choose between DJ Chark or Marvin Jones Jr. to be your WR1 in fantasy football this season, who would you pick?

A: Hmmm... that’s a good one. I think Chark is the undisputed WR1, and I also think he’s better. I think where they’ll be close is in touchdowns — somewhere around seven or eight for each. But I think Jones’ target count will suffer as a result of Laviska Shenault transforming from a gadget player to a true wide receiver this season. Go with Chark this year as a WR2/WR3 or even a FLEX player if you can swing it.

Ryan from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Would you trade Gardner Minshew to the Indianapolis Colts for a third round pick since Carson Wentz is down? Would it be too greedy to ask for a second rounder?

A: I’d probably pull the trigger on a third round pick, especially considering it’ll likely be in the top half of that round due to the Colts likely not getting to .500 without their starting quarterback. A second round pick would be a coup, but that would be my counter if the Colts offered a third.

Corey from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Any idea where Dave Caldwell is and what he’s up to? I’ve slowly been more and more amazed this past week that he kept his job for as long as he did here. Is there another team out there that actually hired him to their front office?

A: I don’t know, I don’t want to know, and neither should you. In all seriousness, he’s a personnel executive with the Philadelphia Eagles. He can evaluate talent. He’s just not the guy you want in charge.

Mark from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Oklahoma drill?

A: Name the time and place, Mark.

Michael from Leeds, UK

Q: Is Gardner Minshew looking nailed on for the backup job? Is there much rapport developing between him and Trevor Lawrence?

A: I don’t think there’s any more rapport than what’s normal for teammates to have. I don’t think there’s any animosity either. I don’t think Trevor is looking to Gardner for any tips on how to adjust to the pro game, if that’s what you’re wondering. Gardner is still figuring that out too. I think it’s a fine dynamic in the quarterbacks room — everyone knows their place and seems fine with it. Honestly, I’m more encouraged by Trevor’s growing rapport with his receivers and offensive linemen, especially the veterans.

Chris from Greensboro, NC

Q: Don’t wanna get far ahead of myself... but with everything I’m hearing from this rookie class popping eyes in training camp, this could be a way quicker rebuild than what people from the outside think of this team.

A: I think expecting them to challenge for a playoff spot (which is my opinion) is a pretty quick rebuild. It all depends on Trevor. Everything hinges on him. By all accounts, it sounds like it’s going pretty well, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than six or seven wins this year. That’s unrealistic and, frankly, six or seven wins would be a huge step forward for this franchise.

Tom from Rapid City, SD

Q: With our tight ends group being labeled as suspect my question is how much of a realistic shot does Tim Tebow have of making the final roster. And also could James O’Shaunessy end up on the outside looking in due to his ankle?

A: Tim is gonna make the roster. James will too... if he’s healthy.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Can you see a scenario where James Robinson and Travis Etienne line up in the backfield at the same time? Does anyone in the NFL use split back sets with two true running backs anymore?

A: I haven’t heard a ton of the Jaguars employing split back formations in practice (yet) but I think they’ll employ it throughout the season — not so much as a feature, but as a wrinkle to catch defenses off balance or slow down opposing pass rushers. It’d be silly not to throw it into the game plans. But, again, it won’t be commonplace because Robinson and Etienne are so complementary of one another. I’d much rather one be used to spell another than see both of them out there repeatedly. As far as the NFL using split back sets, this piece from The Athletic is a really interesting deep dive on its history and why it’s seen a nose dive in recent seasons.