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Big Cat Country Q&A: Should Jaguars fans panic if we lose?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about the possibility of (gulp!) losing, player projections, and more.

Ryan from Ontario, Canada

Q: What stat line do you expect James Robinson to finish with this season now that he is firmly “the guy” this year?

A: He is most certainly “the guy” and looking at the roster... it’s not particularly close. I’d expect James Robinson to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-ish touches, 100 total yards, and a rushing touchdown. If you’ve got him in fantasy, he’s an RB1 until he’s not.

Gary from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Q: Do we panic if we start 0-1?

A: This is turning into a particularly international Q&A, isn’t it? Anyway. Short answer is no. Long answer is no, unless. I don’t expect more than six wins out of this team this year and overreacting to Week 1 is never useful. (All you need to do is look to last year for proof of that.) However, if the offense looks as unimaginative as it did in the preseason, I’d say it’s time to be concerned. I’ll start to panic if we go 0-4 through the first four games.

Tom from Rapid City, SD

Q: I have Trevor Lawrence as one of my quarterbacks in all my fantasy leagues, so simply put... Is this matchup against the Texans a viable one to have him as the starter?

A: That depends on your other quarterback. I think Trevor Lawrence is good for 250 yards and a touchdown or two. Most likely an interception or a fumble as well. He’s not a very strong play, but I think he’d be safe to get you 16 to 18 points in standard scoring. Might be a sneaky good risk in DFS play, seeing as how his value is relatively low compared to other quarterbacks.

Michael from Saskatoon, Canada

Q: Andrew Wingard over Andre Cisco?! What gives?

A: I wouldn’t look too far into it. The Jaguars are going to use both of them extensively in the season opener. Defensive coordinator Joe Cullen said earlier this week that both will play and the starting job is up for grabs, so Cisco will be given every opportunity to show he deserves it over Wingard.

Matt from St. Augustine, FL

Q: What’s your go-to beer for Sunday afternoons?

A: I’d rather have a gin and tonic (or three) while watching games, but if it has to be beer... probably something cheap like PBR.

Frank from Philadelphia, PA

Q: How many carries should we expect Carlos Hyde to get, to give James Robinson a break?

A: Uh... four or five? I’d be shocked if Hyde ended the game with more than five touches and 25 total yards.

Michael from Orlando, FL

Q: Hey BCC team! I was wondering what would be a successful season in your opinion? Most media “experts” anticipate us having a losing season, so what does the organization need to accomplish to say... “Hey, we’re making progress for the future?”

A: If you want an easy way to see how the Jaguars are progressing, just watch Trevor Lawrence. Watch how he handles the blitz. Watch how accurate he is on the deep ball. Watch how quickly he chooses to run when the pressure gets to him. Watch what receivers he’s developing an on-the-field rapport with. Watch how defenses react mid-game to his performance and how that affects the short-passing and run games. In short, just watch the quarterback everyone heralded as the savior of Jacksonville. If he looks good, the Jaguars’ future is bright. If he flops... well... there’s your answer.