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Big Cat Country Q&A: When will we be good?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about the possibility of being good, losing, and more.

Johnathan from Houston, TX

Q: When will we eventually be good?

A: Brother, I wish I could tell you. I feel like we’re living at the tail end of one of those “win one championship for your favorite team but then they lose for 40 years” viral tweets. The simple answer? It’s not a question of when, but rather if. The long answer is when Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence figure out how to transition to the pro game. And if Trevor figures that out before Urban then... well... let’s think about something else.

Josh from Kansas City, MO

Q: Who thinks scripting zero running plays to start the game is actually a good idea?

A: Not me, not you, and I don’t think Darrell Bevell either. But I think most of the blame for the play-calling to start the game was due to penalties and a few quick scores by the Houston Texans rather than what the team want to do. The offense dug a hole for Bevell and he was kind of handcuffed to the pass from the jump. Sucks, but it happens.

Mark from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Hey, Ryan. I will at the game on Sunday. Care to Oklahoma?

A: Mark, there is a 50% chance of rain and the high will be 88 degrees. You could not pay me enough to be out there for an early season Jaguars matchup. See you in December.

Drew from Summerville, SC

Q: Can our defense keep them under 30? I feel like that would help a bit.

A: Yes, but I think their defense keeps us under 20.

Mitchell from Northampton, UK

Q: when do we start to question the decisions made in free agency not to sign a premium edge rusher to compliment Josh Allen?

A: Probably back in March. Listen, free agency is probably the one area that Urban Meyer admitted he (and Trent Baalke) screwed up. They weren’t aggressive enough. They have a bad roster and they got some pieces, but it looked like a free agency class from an AFC contender... not the team that just lost 15 straight games. Now it’s 16 because the roster has holes all over it.

Clinton from Terre Haute, IN

Q: Are we really that bad?

A: Bad enough to lose to a terrible Houston Texans team by three scores? Yes.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Q: What would you rather have — four wins but Trevor Lawrence looks incredible or 10 wins but he looks like Blake Bortles?

A: I mean, four wins is about where they’ll finish anyway so let’s go with that one.

Steven from Winter Park, FL

Q: Why does the Denver media hate Jacksonville so much? Is it all still related to a playoff game from 25 years ago?

A: Well, one of them used to write for the Florida Times-Union here and some players were... not a big fan of him. Some of the hate is good-natured ribbing because they, like us, have never forgotten that weekend when Woody Paige penned his infamous “Jagwads” column back in 1997. Tom Coughlin was always tight-lipped about opposing media coverage, but he got (rightly) pissed off about it, printed copies, put them up all over the Jaguars locker room that day, and it became a national story after Jacksonville beat Denver in Mile High. It’s a funny story and one of the slices of NFL history that Jacksonville can claim. I was 12 years old when that happened and I’ll probably tell my great-grandkids about it.