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This is how we tailgate: The best pregame traditions for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Credit: Bold City Brigade

The 2021 NFL season is here and the Jacksonville Jaguars are giving us an additional game on the schedule — another chance to drink, grill, play games, and spend a whole Sunday with friends and family next to the modern behemoth that is TIAA Bank Field.

In other words, another chance to tailgate.

Need some tips on the best spots in Duval to set up shop and make some memories? Well, friends, you came to the right place.

Bold City Brigade + Teal Street Hooligans

Tailgating in Jacksonville begins and ends with the Bold City Brigade and Teal Street Hooligans. Beginning as separate fan groups, they’ve combined in recent years to provide an unforgettable pregame experience to Jaguars fans of all ages and from all walks of life.

Planted at the corner of Duval and Bryan and within walking distance of the stadium, you’d be hard-pressed to find another way to describe this gathering as anything short of Mecca for Jaguars fans. There are dozens of tents, hundreds of fans, and countless options for cold drinks and good food. You need a Bold City Brigade membership to get in and it’s paid parking, but the experience — even for just one Sunday morning — is worth the price of admission.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring some drinks to share. It’s a potluck, not a charity.

Intuition Ale Works

Tailgating starts at the crack of dawn. If you want to camp in one spot for six hours, you’re covered with the Bold City Brigade + Teal Street Hooligans super-tailgate. But, chances are, you may want to move around a bit.

*begin Shannon Sharpe voice*

That ain’t no problem... That ain’t no problem...

*end Shannon Sharpe voice*

Intuition Ale Works is an expansive brewery with an industrial aesthetic located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. And they serve, well, every kind of beer you could imagine.

Take your pick from their tap room with selections that range from ales like Jon Boat Coastal Ale to I-10 IPA’s that take it up a notch and Premonition Series No. 2 saisons that make you want to turn up your pinky.

The Village

Want something a little less rowdy, but still looking to scratch that tailgate itch? The Jax Village at TIAA Bank Field is an all-inclusive (and family-friendly) tailgate venue with air-conditioned suites, premium food options, and plenty of drinks.

What all do you get with your ticket?

  • Food prepared by Publix Apron’s Catering
  • Unlimited beer and wine from Anheuser Busch
  • Premium liquor and game day themed cocktails
  • Access to air-conditioned VIP suites that accommodate up to 40 people
  • Top deck veranda with sun shade
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor lounge seating
  • Private mini-fridge inside your VIP suite
  • Charging station for cellphones and tablets inside your VIP suite
  • Free WiFi
  • And more!

In conclusion...

No matter what you do, be safe and have fun. We’re stretching out our favorite day of the week during the best time of year. And make sure you hydrate. That Florida sun is no joke, y’all.