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Big Cat Country Q&A: Why is everyone pissed at Urban Meyer’s honesty?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about Urban Meyer, waiver claims, and cutting Trevor Lawrence’s hair.

Steve from Jacksonville, FL

Q: There is often a lot of talk about Urban Meyer leaving the Jaguars if things don’t go well. Since his arrival, he seems, because of his honesty, to have been called out or “investigated” by the NFL for various things. I’m sure this causes frustration. Do you think Urban would leave just out of the sheer frustration with the constant red tape?

A: I don’t think Urban would leave because of frustrations with bureaucracy or red tape. If the team is losing in Year 2? Sure... there’ll be an “Urban Watch” ticker on ESPN and it’ll be deserved. But if the team is winning (and more importantly, if Trevor Lawrence is playing at a level we all hope) then I think the little headaches will be easy for him to overcome.

David from Waycross, GA

Q: What happened with Jalen Camp? Why did he get cut?

A: If there’s a position where the Jaguars had a wealth of talent, it was wide receiver. Jalen Camp just couldn’t establish himself in the passing game (one catch on three targets) or the return game. In short, he wasn’t good enough to force his way into more opportunities.

Corey from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Who is our best defensive back? Doesn’t seem like we anyone that really stands out.

A: Right now, Shaquill Griffin is the best defensive back on the roster. That’s cause for concern. I still think Week 1 against the Houston Texans is a close win... but it should be a cake walk, honestly.

Kevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why cut Jeff Cotton? And what does Tyron Johnson bring to the offense?

A: You just (sort of) answered your own question. Urban Meyer knew the team had the top pick in the waiver system and thought he could afford moving Cotton down to the practice squad in favor of bringing in Johnson. This profile on the new Jaguars receiver is comprehensive, but here’s a good summary:

Johnson is a talented deep threat who produced with Justin Herbert last year. He has 4.36 speed and caught 20 passes for 398 yards (19.9 yards per catch) and three touchdowns in 12 games, making him one of the NFL’s better deep threats. He is an explosive playmaker who can win on the outside, which the Jaguars lack on the depth chart.

So, there you go. He’s a better, faster, more experienced version of Cotton.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Q: If the Texans pick up Cam Newton, will we lose Week 1?

A: No.

Ian from Denver, CO

Q: Why is the NFL so hypocritical? Two coaches were fired for refusing to get vaccinated and there’s no investigation. But Urban Meyer decides to be honest in saying that vaccines were considered in cuts (which is reasonable considering the team consequences of getting and spreading COVID) and the NFL and NFLPA are investigating them? And all the so called “experts” and “analysts” say he wasn’t supposed to say that? So... dishonesty is valued in the NFL? This all seems quite ridiculous, and I stand by Urban for telling the truth about what everyone already knew was happening.

A: The NFL is hypocritical because... well... they can be. And dishonesty is valued in the NFL because there are no consequences for it. Bill Belichick isn’t going to get into any trouble whatsoever for lying when he says that Cam Newton’s vaccination status had nothing to do with his release. Bill is smarter than that. He knows that an unvaccinated quarterback will provide logistical challenges and possible COVID suspensions for his other quarterbacks. I don’t know if “Urban told the truth and I’m with him” is a hill that I’d die on, but it is ridiculous that a head coach can say he sees being unvaccinated as a disadvantage — especially considering he coaches a team that will be making a trip to Europe as part of their season.

Greg from Gregory, NC

Q: What’s the over/under date on when Trevor Lawrence gets his first major hair cut as a member of the Jaguars?

A: I found Delilah’s burner, y’all.