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Big Cat Country Q&A: When will this Jaguars team play for four quarters?

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It’s Friday Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about playing all four quarters, Josh Lambo, and more.

Gary from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Q: When do you expect our Jaguars to perform for four quarters? It was great leading 19-10 but there was still a part of me (actually, all of me) that knew we would blow it.

A: Gary from Belfast is once again our lead question. I swear I didn’t plan it this way. I just thought it was a good question. I don’t know if this answers your question, but the first three games have reminded me of preseason games. The first half or so, we look like a legitimate NFL team and then the game just sort of unravels into this weird pseudo-football game. But instead of it being an easy thing to spot — well, we have the third-stringers in there — it’s the same guys. I wonder if some of the reason for preseason games to follow that rhythm is because they have guys trying to put an offensive drive together... or trying to play defense... who haven’t had a lot of practice reps together. I think our offense is a few weeks behind because of Urban Meyer’s insistence on giving Gardner Minshew snaps with the starters in training camp. And because Trevor Lawrence is a rookie. As far as the defense, they’re getting better. The offense has put them in some serious holes so far and holding them to 24 offensive points is (relatively) impressive.

Jeff from Hilton Head, SC

Q: Do you think Trevor Lawrence will throw for at least two touchdowns against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A: Yes. I think he hits two exactly tonight.

Nelson from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Andre Cisco was rated as the top safety prospect after the preseason. Why isn’t he seeing any action? Is Andrew Wingard really that good? I don’t think so.

A: Andrew Wingard isn’t really very much of a problem, so I think Urban Meyer’s and/or Joe Cullen’s insistence that he stay in over Andre Cisco is (sort of?) justifiable. But if you’re gonna lose games, I’d rather the rookie get started on learning the game. He didn’t play a single defensive snap last week which is... weird.

Nate from Atlantic Beach, FL

Q: Are the Cincinnati Bengals doing their rebuild right?

A: If you’d asked me after the preseason, I would have said no. Now? I would have liked to have seen them bring in some help for Joe Burrow along the offensive line, and the receiving corps is a little unorthodox. But if you asked me which roster I’d rather have around Trevor Lawrence, I’d probably say theirs.

Dos from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What is your brutally honest assessment of our offensive line?

A: They’re about what we thought they were, which is to say they’re fine. Sure, they could use some upgrades, but they’re not at the top of my list of things wrong with this team. Defensive linemen (and I’m counting Josh Allen) have three sacks through three games. They need playmakers rushing the quarterback.

Jerry from Los Angeles, CA

Q: What is it specifically about this franchise that enables such a long-term and sustained amount of dysfunction? I’ve been an avid fan of football forever and it seems like the Jaguars are the epitome of losing in American sports across the board. What say you? Any chance this ever changes or are we as fans destined to remain in this seemingly endless nightmare?

A: Before this offseason, I would have said that Shad Khan doesn’t care. And then he took the biggest swing of his tenure as owner by going after Urban Meyer. I think brighter days are ahead for the same reason this team has stunk for so long — the quarterback play has been average at best.

Ryan from Ocala, FL

Q: To keep or not to keep Josh Lambo?

A: He hasn’t been the same since his injury. He won’t be on this team much longer which sucks because he was a great story and a legitimately great kicker for several years. But he’s not who he once was.