Assistants to Keep Our Eyes On

While I am sure we are all just waiting to see a new head coach hired (Leftwich the eventual guy?) and a current GM fired, I am particular interested in the staff that gets put together under the new head coach. So much of what I think this team needs is a strong staff around the person they choose to be the head coach. Therefore, I started looking at teams who fired their head coaches to see if any noteworthy assistants might come free.

Here is a list of some of the people I would like to see somehow find their way onto the next head coach's staff:

  1. Gerald Alexander DB coach, Miami Dolphins: As much as some of us like the defensive staff and would like to see it given the chance to grow with this defense, Tim Walton just went to Ohio State and Gerald Alexander is a young coach making waves in this league. With a YOUNG secondary featuring exciting players such as Campbell and Cisco, a guy like Alexander could be an impactful addition.
  2. Mike Munchak OL coach, Denver Broncos: Short and simple - Munchak is one of the best in the business. In fact, I might argue other than Bill Callahan, he is THE best OL coach in the league right now. With a lot of young (and potentially new) bodies on the OL next year, get a star coach to build them up right. (If he is not an option, I would also not mind Tom Cable OL coach, Las Vegas Raiders as an option. I think he might not be as good of an OL coach as he was once perceived to be, but I have been impressed with what he has done with the OL of the Raiders)
  3. Keenan McCardell WR coach, Minnesota Vikings: I am not sure Sanjay Lal is bad per se (let's be honest, this group of WRs on the 2021 Jaguars was quite awful) but Keenan was well liked by his players and was good at his job in the past with this team. Bringing him back certainly would be a nice thing!
  4. Jim Caldwell/Doug Pederson, UNEMPLOYED: Assuming one or both of these guys does not get a head coaching job, I would like to see one of them find a spot on the staff of whoever it is this team hires as its head coach. I am somewhat going under the assumption it is Leftwich's job to lose, and so a veteran offensive (former head) coach could be a real valuable asset on his staff.
Are there any former assistants from other team you would like to see brought in?

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