S.O.S. parody (Sound of Losing) $

This is to sum up the Jaguars' season (most seasons, actually). "Sound of Losing", a song parody of Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.

If someone who can play guitar well, has a voice(or have some1 fill in) and would post this on YT--giving me credit as the writer, Eric Lewis--I'll pay $5 - $10 by Paypal or Google Wallet, depending on quality.

Hello football, my old friend

The Jaguars stink yet again

Because the offense is a joke

And the defense is rather broke

And their poor vision that made me go insane

Still remains

Within the sound of losing

In restless dreams, I cried alone

Bad teams make you groan and moan

They learned nothing from training camp

Will they ever be the Super Bowl champs

And my eyes were jabbed by the crash of a piss-poor sight

They quit the fight

And touched the sound of losing

And in the stands stressed fans I saw

10,000 sheeple, maybe less

Coaches coaching but not winning

Players playing but not caring

And getting badly hurt in Tractionville

And no one dared

Disturb the sound of losing

"Morons" said fans, "You do not know

Losing like a cancer blows

Hear our words that we might teach you

Take our money if we reach you"

But their words, like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the hell of losing

And the Baguars booed and hissed

Khan's pawns and morons, they're pissed

And came the two-minute warning

Saw the Jaguars still trailing

And the Fans in the stands groaned in disgust

Just watching bust after bust

Drops and refs’ bad calls

And listened to the sound of losing

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