Things that upset me about this team

For starters this is not a rant on how bad I feel about this team. I just wanted to point out a few things that really get me upset and I'm sure a few others too.

1. Inconsistencies- One week we play hard, fast, and disciplined football against top teams at times. Then out of nowhere we can't do simple things anymore such as catching and communication. One week we can stop the run one week we can't, one week we can get many first downs one week we can gain one on 5 possessions, one week we can get pressure one week I'm not sure if we have 11 players on the field.

2. 4th and 1/ Redzones- I will NEVER understand why on ganing 1yrd do we line up in shotgun and run the ball. Honestly I don't understand why we make it difficult and not just QB sneak. We have at 6'5 QB that could get that easily atleast 90%of the time. Running up the middle doesn't work as we've seen many times. We're just not strong enough up the middle. Redzones was a problem in preseason and is still a problem now. Like trying to convert 1yrd I feel we try to get too fancy with plays instead of making it simple. It drives me crazy how other teams can score so easily in the redzone but not us.

3. Trevor Lawrence- I'm just tired of the inconsistent and unknown every week. Do I feel he can be a good QB? Yes. He has the tangibles and physicality of a QB but his decision making and timing of his throws are too inconsistent. Another thing I still question is why does he have the plays on his wrist. Do he not fully understand the plays yet idk that is something to look out for too. He just gotta start understanding the field better and run sometimes. Idk if that's what they are coaching him to not do but he needs to maybe go to one read, check down, run type of mentality. He holds the ball too long and for him to have an arm his accuracy needs alot of work.

4. Losing- Everyone tired of it but we have yet to finds way to not look like the past 5 years. Do I feel we're a better team? Yes, but we are losing like we've been losing. Not because the team is just better but because we make too many mistakes and penalties. In order to feel good we gotta stop losing games on our end.

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