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Eagles prove Jaguars aren’t there just yet

Jaguars fall to the Eagles in turnover fest.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars saw their win streak come to a screeching halt on Sunday, falling to the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles 28-20 on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. It was a frustrating game for Jaguars fans and a tough one to watch, especially with how the game started compared to how it ended.

The Jaguars jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and it appeared like it was going to end up being another shocking dominant win by the Jaguars, starting the day off with safety Andre Cisco picking off a tipped Jalen Hurts pass and returning for a touchdown, followed up by a long drive capped off by a Trevor Lawrence touchdown. Shortly after the Jaguars missed a chance to go up 21-0, as Lawrence narrowly missed Jamal Agnew on a deep pass down the field.

Then everything fell apart.

The Eagles started to get momentum going on offense, just running over the Jaguars and dominating the Jacksonville defensive line in the trenches. The Eagles quickly crawled back into the game after a Lawrence fumble, where the young quarterback rolled out to his right and lost the football getting ready to throw what likely would have been a conversion on fourth down. Then a Jaguars three-and-out led to another long Eagles touchdown drive, followed up by a fumbled snap on a quarterback sneak by Lawrence into another Eagles touchdown.

The half ended with the Eagles up 20-14 and all the wind out of the Jaguars sails.

It continued to go south for the Jaguars after halftime.

Another turnover in the form of a bad interception by Lawrence in the redzone led to another Eagles score, followed by another Jaguars fumble into another Eagles touchdown drive.

Seemingly everything that could go poorly for the Jaguars went poorly.

Jacksonville started to crawl back, bringing the game within a touchdown and two-point conversion. A familiar them for the game told out however, as Lawrence was once again sacked and fumbled the ball and that was that.

It was a rough game for the Jaguars, who turned the ball over five times, but weirdly only lost to arguably the best team in the NFL by only eight points.

The Jaguars take on the Houston Texans next week at home, but they’ll need to clean up their turnovers if they hope to pull back into a winning record.