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Jaguars vs. Giants: Jacksonville falls to 2-5

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Update…

4:34 PM: The Jaguars were able to magically move down the field with roughly a minute left after the Giants took a 23-17 lead, but it ended up all for naught as Christian Kirk was stopped at the 1-yard line. The Jaguars started deep in their own territory, but thanks to a couple of costly Giants penalties and a nice downfield throw by Trevor Lawrence, the team was in position to tie the game late. Lawrence ended up getting the team in position to strike in the endzone after a costly roughing the passer call on the Giants in combination with a completion down the field, but they just couldn’t get home. Lawrence hit Kirk over the middle and he was stood up right before the goal line, for the Jaguars to fall to 2-5 on the year and see the Giants with yet another fourth quarter rally.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are back home at TIAA Bank Field and will face off against a red hot New York Giants (+3.5) team on Sunday. The Jaguars are in the midst of a three-game losing streak and on paper it might looks like the 5-1 Giants might be the team to push that streak to four in a row.

While the Giants are 5-1 so far on the season, it’s an ugly 5-1 and they’ve kind of overachieved so far and likely due for a set back. As our own Gus Logue detailed, showing that the Giants have actually gotten quite lucky in the fourth quarter, whereas the Jaguars have seemingly gotten a bit unlucky.

The reality is this all boils down to the Giants are winning their close games while the Jaguars are not, but it also tells us that the Jaguars have seemingly been the better team through the first three quarters.

Ready... set... let’s go!

Here’s everything you need to know to watch, listen to, or follow today’s Jaguars game.

It’s live blog time...


3:11 PM: Legitimate roughing the passer penalty. The Jaguars are making me agree with the refs. I’m sick.

3:10 PM: Jaguars defense with a chance to force a turnover and...


2:42 PM: Replay shows Zay Jones almost had that. Goodness gracious.

2:40 PM: Trevor Lawrence just absolutely launched it out of the end zone on that Hail Mary.

2:25 PM: The announcers just said the word “completedly” because this is a Jaguars game and English has no place here.

2:20 PM: Saquon Barkley with a really good Fred Taylor impersonation right there.

2:17 PM: No comment.

2:10 PM: And then there’s that.


2:07 PM: Trevor Lawrence stepped up like he wanted to launch it 70 yards downfield and instead went for the short throw just beyond the sticks. Growth >>>>>

1:49 PM: Riley Patterson makes it 11-7 in the most 1930’s NFL score of the afternoon so far.

1:20 PM: I truly do not understand how a five-yard penalty on the extra point attempt gets us to the two-yard line but I’ll take that additional point. Jaguars up 8-7.

1:19 PM: Mark it down, folks—Travis Etienne started his Hall of Fame career with his first touchdown in Duval.

1:08 PM: Giants start with the scoring. LET’S NOT.

1:02 PM: Jaguars start on defense. LET’S GO.

11:32 AM: Only “surprise” on the inactive list is Adam Gotsis. Would have liked to have seen Jamal Agnew today, stretching the Giants defense.

6:29 AM: This week’s TV coverage map for the Jaguars vs. Giants game on FOX. (We’re in the blue...)

6:00 AM: Yeah, we linked it above, but it’s still a great primer for today’s game from Gus Logue.