Jacksonville Jaguars showing no change

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been my favorite team since I was young kid. Due to being born in Jacksonville Florida I always have had a soft spot for the jaguars. But it's tough now since we have been in the same loop of losing season for a few years now with no end in sight. Now I will admit the 2 wins over the colts and chargers ignited me with excitement. It was finally good to say the jaguars are finally good again and have a chance of making the playoffs and winning the afc south division. Now here we are on a hot losing streak and all hope is lost again. Our last over 5 win season was in 2019. We haven't even won 5 or more games in these past seasons and fans like me are getting tired of it. It's been the same old jaguars with empty promises and no results. The whole Urban Meyer issue last year, to keeping Trent Baalke as gm when us fans were begging for the jaguars to move on from him, when we wanted Byron Leftwich as coach but Shad didn't want to fire Baalke (the reason Byron would come to Jacksonville) to other reasons it feels like Shad really doesn't care about this team. We've only had 1 playoff appearance in his 10 (nearly 11) years of owning this team. Currently he has 44 wins and 125 losses. This is not what us true fans want to see. We want to see good results, winning seasons, a superbowl win or even a superbowl appearance would be great to see. Now trading away a fan favorite in James Robinson for only a 5th round pick really just shows how bad it's gotten in the organization. Shad Kahn at this point sell the team or move to London we are tired of no results and constant failed seasons. Having no team at this point is better than what we have. 1 winning season in a decade is not showing us change.

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