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Let’s celebrate the time the Jaguars won 62-7 over the Dolphins

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins, 2000 AFC Division Playoffs Set Number: X59452 TK2 R3 F23

On this day back in 1916, the Georgia Tech Engineers (cool nickname, don’t @ me) dominated Cumberland College to the tune of a 222-0 final score.

Yup—the soon-to-be Yellow Jackets reached triple digits by the middle of the second quarter and didn’t look back.

What inspired such a beat down? Why didn’t Georgia Tech start going easy on them after, say, their 20th touchdown of the day? You can read all the details here or you can keep scrolling to read about the biggest blowout in Jacksonville Jaguars’ history.

That’s right. We’re talking about 62-7 tonight.

The Jaguars were one of the most dominating teams during the 1999 NFL regular season and that carried over at then Alltell Stadium, as the Jaguars jumped all over the Dolphins from the start with an 8-yard touchdown pass from Mark Brunell to Jimmy Smith. Dolphins great Dan Marino was picked off on the very next play leading to a field goal.

A few plays later, Fred Taylor broke off a 90-yard touchdown run.

And then Tony Brackens returned a fumble for a touchdown and the rout was on to the tune of 24-0 in the first quarter of play.

It didn’t stop however, as the Jaguars poured on the pressure and the points ending the day winning 62-7.

Taylor ran for 135 yards, Brunell threw just nine passes before being replaced for Jay Fiedler. Fiedler himself threw for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Marino finished the day with just 95 passing yards on 25 attempts before being knocked out of the game with an injury, which ultimately would be the final game of his Hall of Fame career.

Watch SBNation’s Secret Base break down just how bad it was for the Dolphins that day.