Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 Stats

The Jacksonville Jaguars' supporters were already a bitter bunch heading into the 2022 season. They had endured hardships that no fandom should have to go through, and they were at their wit's end.

However, once the season got underway, they had to deal with yet another new coach, countless new players, and a "refresh." The start of the season surpassed expectations, and for a split second, the supporters felt re-energized. Jaguars tasted victory and also broke their 5-match-losing streak with an emphatic win over Las Vegas on 6th November.

A Much Needed Win

In a Week 9 game on Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars prevailed against the Las Vegas Raiders, but only after mounting the second-largest comeback in team history. The first came in 2014 against the New York Giants when the Jaguars overcame a 21-point deficit to win 25-24.

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, hasn't had it easy. Lawrence's performance has been erratic after having to deal with turmoil in 2021, having to adapt to a new coach and offensive scheme (again), and attempting to excel in the NFL.

But after having one of the worst days of his career the week before, he put up a strong effort against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, leading to a 27-20 victory. He needed that, too. especially considering the next matches against the 6-2 Kansas City Chiefs and 6-3 Baltimore Ravens.

With a 2-1 record through the first three weeks of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars had a good start. They lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, though, and kept losing until Week 9, when they defeated the Las Vegas Raiders.

Betting odds for Jacksonville Jaguars improved considerably with this win over the Raiders. The bookies not on GamStop are favoring Jacksonville Jaguars over Kansas City Chiefs for Sunday’s matchup.

Positives to take from the recent win

Although defeating a struggling Raiders team is nothing to brag about, the Jags did make progress. After all, they had lost every single one of their close games this season, but they had never managed to win. They are a motivated group that won't accept defeat because they were able to overcome a 17-point deficit and mount a comeback in Week 9.

The offensive line was seen as the Jags' greatest vulnerability before the 2022 season began, and the unit has undoubtedly been patchy at times. Jawaan Taylor, the Jaguars' right tackle, and pretty much every other starter on the offensive line will have a bad game one week and then bounce back the next.

The Jags have done a terrific job this season of protecting Trevor Lawrence, and in Week 9, they didn't allow a single sack. With so much time to drop back and consider his options, the sophomore quarterback's completion percentage was an impressive 80%.

Final Thoughts

Although the Raiders have been a complete train wreck this season, the Jacksonville defense also deserves kudos for bucking up and holding them in check when they could have easily waved the white flag. However, it's crucial to note that the Jags did get certain respite. They will be looking to continue the winning momentum in their next clash with Kansas City Chiefs on 13th November, Sunday.

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