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Jaguars vs Cowboys: Week 15 Live Blog

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Today the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8) face off against the Dallas Cowboys (10-3) at home. The Jaguars need a win today to continue to be in the hunt for the playoffs. The Jaguars are considered the underdogs, but here’s hoping that the Jaguars can pull an upset. Kickoff is at 1:00 pm EST at TIAA Bank Field.

4:18: Jenkins intercepts the ball and runs in a touchdown!! Jaguars win 40-34!!

4:05: Headed into overtime as Patterson ties the game with a field goal.

3:50: Lawrence loses the ball and the Cowboys recover.

3:40: Cowboys score a touchdown. 34-31 Cowboys.

3:28: Zay Jones with his third touchdown! Jaguars take the lead.


3:13: Marvin Jones with a touchdown!! 27-24!

3:10: Jenkins intercepts the ball!

3:06: Zay Jones with a touchdown! 27-17!

3:02: Cowboys extend the lead, 27-10.

2:57: Lawrence’s pass is intercepted.

2:48: Dallas makes a field goal. 24-10 Cowboys.

2:40: Patterson makes the field goal! Bringing the score to 21-10.

2:20: 21-7 Cowboys at the half.

2:03: Touchdown Cowboys. 21-7 Cowboys.

1:58: Josh Allen with a sack!

1:51: Zay Jones with a touchdown!! 14-7 Cowboys.

1:41: Touchdown Cowboys. 14-0


1:28: Jaguars punt the ball.

1:22: Touchdown Cowboys. 7-0

1:16: Etienne fumbles the ball and Dallas recovers.

1:09: Defense makes a stop and the Cowboys punt.

1:04: Key with a sack!

1:02: Cowboys win the toss and elect to receive the ball.