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NFL Season 2022 Picks: Key matchups for Week 13

We’re picking all weekend games, including Jaguars vs. Lions.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars are coming coming off a big rally from behind win and sitting currently at 4-7 and have an extremely outside shot to make some noise for the 2022 NFL Playoffs. The Jaguars head back on the road to take on a tough Detroit Lions team on the road.

Coming off their bye week, it was a great win for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only did it show that the team actually took the time during the bye to work on issues and adjust game plans, but it also showed some growth from young quarterback Trevor Lawrence and that he does have the ability to put the team on his back and get them a win.

If the team can pick up a road win in Detroit this week, they can build some momentum and maybe even keep themselves in an actual playoff hunt.

Here are all of our NFL picks for Week 13. You can check out the odds for this week’s games courtesy of our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook.