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Jaguars vs Lions: Week 13 Live Blog

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Today the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7) are in Michigan to take on the Detroit Lions (4-7) for their Week 13 Matchup. Kick off is at 1:00 PM EST at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.




3:51: The Jaguars offense takes the field with Beathard

3:46: Lions with another touchdown.. 40-14, Lions.

3:35: The Jaguars bring out the punting unit.

3:29: The defense makes a stop on third down, forcing the Lions to kick a field goal. 33-14, Lions.

3:19: End of the third. Jags 14 Lions 30

3:11: TOUCHDOWN JAGUARS!! Agnew runs in the two point conversion!!

3:00: Lawrence takes the field with the offense

2:56: The Lions start the third quarter off with a touchdown. 30-6, Lions.

2:45: The Jaguars kick off to start the second half

2:31: A ten second run off brings us to halftime.


2:26: The Lions score a field goal, making the score 23-6


2:13: Patterson brings it to a two score game with a field goal!

2:11: Kirk with a much needed first down!! A pick up of 25 yards.

2:04: 20-3, Lions

1:51: Lions - 17, Jaguars - 3

1:50: Oluokun with the PRESSURE on third down


1:34: Punting unit is brought out

1:26: The Lions score their second touchdown of the first quarter, making the score (14-3)

1:19: Patterson makes a 31 yard field goal!

1:16: Agnew with the first down on 4th&1!!

1:15: Kirk with a big catch and run for 37 yards and a first down!!

1:09: The Lions take an early lead with a touchdown

1:04: Lions defense recovers the ball after Etienne fumbles

1:02: The Lions win the toss and defer