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Jaguars vs Lions: Play of the game

Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

After a promising Week 12 win, the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Detroit Lions 40-14 on Sunday. Mike Caldwell’s defense didn’t force a single punt; and Doug Pederson’s unit couldn’t stop forcing mistakes, starting with this Travis Etienne fumble.

It was the biggest play of the game in terms of Expected Points Added and Win Probability Added (per

Jacksonville’s receivers went on to drop five passes on the day, bringing their season total to 25 -- most in the league (per PFF). A blown block by blindside protector Cam Robinson nearly cost Jacksonville its franchise quarterback.

(If you didn’t hear, Trevor Lawrence is okay. He returned to the game and is “trending in the right direction” to play this week.)

Meanwhile, the defense’s problems seemed to be the result of poor coaching.

The Jaguars had been able to pride themselves on their competitiveness up until last week. Jacksonville’s only loss by more than one score came at Kansas City, and blowout victories against the Colts and Chargers highlighted their wildcard contender resume.

Jaguars fans have gone back and forth looking ahead to the playoffs or the draft like Michael Scott deciding whether or not to get a vasectomy. This week's game at Tennessee should seal how competitive the team truly is in this 2022 NFL season.