Why the Jags Suck (Oversimplified)

"Draft and develop." "Win from within." Welp…here’s the deal:


  • drafted by the Jags
  • signed their 2nd contract / extension with the Jags
LT - Cam Robinson (2017, #34)
DL - Dawuane Smoot (2017, #68)
P - Logan Cooke (2018, #247)

That’s the list. That is all.

There are ZERO (0) players left from the 2016 NFL Draft or prior. There are THREE (3) rostered players TOTAL to show for the 2017-2018 draft classes.

That means for the years that players currently aged 24/25 to 33, such as:
  • Josh Allen (2018 - Bills)
  • Pat Mahomes (2017 - Chiefs)
  • Joey Bosa (2016 - Chargers)
  • Tyler Lockett (2015 - Seahawks)
  • Aaron Donald (2014 - Rams)
  • Travis Kelce (2013 - Chiefs)
  • Fletcher Cox (2012 - Eagles)
  • Cameron Heyward (2011 - Steelers)
  • Devin McCourty (2010 - Patriots)
were drafted…in all 9 drafts this franchise basically came up empty-handed on ANY building blocks, or at least when factoring their inability to develop / re-sign the picks they actually "hit" on. Logan Cooke is arguably the current crown jewel of our entire drafting process as a franchise.

It’s virtually impossible to build a winner, especially in a small market, without building through the draft. And we got the owner’s son running data analytics to select Taven Bryan over Lamar Jackson / Darius Leonard. And we got a GM giving Shaq Griffin $16.4M + this season (and a dead cap for RB Carlos Hyde of $450K…yes, you read that right).

Dear Shad, the player evaluation, talent acquisition & roster building is the primary issue. Fire and hire football adults with experience accordingly.

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