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Super Bowl odds: 3 best prop bets on DraftKings right now

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Super Bowl 56 is upon us with the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals facing off in SoFi Stadium of Los Angeles, California with a Sunday evening kickoff of 6:45pm ET — and you know what that means!

Prop bets. All of them. All of the prop bets.

Could you bet on the 4-point line where the Rams are favored and possibly Joe Burrow keeping it close, or even outright winning? Yes, dear reader, you could. But when you’re slamming home precisely one (1) IPA and regretting your third order of chicken wings... wouldn’t you rather have some chaotic fun?

I know I would.

So, here we have it, the three best prop bets from DraftKings Sportsbook right now.

Joe Burrow (+225) to win MVP

We’ll start with a little vanilla bet. Matthew Stafford (+100) is favored to win the MVP award and his Rams are favored to win by more than a field goal. I call mularkey. We’re going all in on the Bengals to win — and if they do that, it’s gotta be 80/20 that Joe Sheisty wins MVP over another Bengals player, right?

The Shield loves him, fans love him, everyone outside of Los Angeles (and I’d bet a few people within Los Angeles) love him. They’ll give it to him if when Cincinnati wins, even if Tee Higgins or Ja’Marr Chase have incredible days because 1) he’s a quarterback, 2) he’s a young quarterback, and 3) he’s been carrying this team for months now.

Los Angeles Rams defense (+2800) to score first

Do I think the Bengals will win? Yes. Will the Rams score first? Probably, they’re at home. Could it be the defense that scores first? Well... most likely not.

But at +2800 odds, it’s worth it to roll the dice on that Rams interior defensive line spooking a young quarterback like Burrow and either running a fumble back or someone like Jalen Ramsey taking it to the house.

Offensive lineman to score +2200

Putting American dollars on an offensive lineman to score in the Super Bowl is not only fun, it’s your civic duty. Like the bet before it, it’s a huge payoff on an unlikely play — but you’ll be confident in your investment as literally anyone watching the game will either be rooting for this to happen, or absolutely jubilant when it does.

That’s a lot of good karma for the iconic #ThiccSix, folks.