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2022 Jacksonville Jaguars free agency: Live blog for Day 1 of legal tampering

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The 2022 edition of NFL free agency officially begins for the Jacksonville Jaguars at 12pm EST today with legal tampering starting — a two-day window where teams are allowed to contact players and their agents in order to negotiate deals that will become officially official once the league year begins.

This is our Super Bowl, folks.

We’re going to try and gather every piece of news, every rumor, and every update in our live blogs through the rest of the week right here. We love you all.

2:36 PM: The Jaguars continue to be active in free agency, landing wide receiver Christian Kirk.

1:51 PM: Trent Baalke said there’d be a splash, here’s the splash. Run-stuffing defensive tackle.

1:47 PM: And there’s your Damien Wilson replacement. Former Atlanta Falcons linebacker. NFL tackles leader last year. Okay then.

1:41 PM: And the Jaguars are on the board with an offensive lineman.

12:06 PM: Oh, this would be a good good signing.

12:00 PM: IT’S TAMPERIN’ TIME! (Please get Trevor Lawrence some help, Jaguars.)

11:56 AM: A priority for the Jaguars.

11:06 AM: Gotta bump this because it is absolutely fantastic.

11:02 AM: All-Pro offensive lineman on the market with Trent Baalke having reported interest. Would help this team (and Trevor Lawrence) a ton, and give them some flexibility in next month’s NFL Draft.

10:29 AM: Pass rusher on the market! Za’Darius Smith is leaving the Green Bay Packers.

9:40 AM: This happened late last night, but a potential offensive lineman target for the Jaguars is off the market.

8:52 AM: Jaguars are expected to have a lot of interest in Christian Kirk, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, regardless of price tag.

7:59 AM: A little perspective if you’re worried about Christian Kirk’s salary cap number — and you also don’t realize that the salary cap is fake.

7:58 AM: Oh? Davante Adams said he won’t play on the franchise tag and a long-term deal is a ways off. If he somehow becomes available (which all depends on how the Green Bay Packers handle this negotiation and how hard they’re willing to push to keep him) just about every team in the league is going to throw the bag at him — including the Jaguars.