2022 Jags roster

After going through all the free agent signings, released/kept players. I've noticed we made some necessary upgrades but also left some opened questions. For starters our oline only added Schreff which was a great addition but what happens to the rest of the oline. Taylor hasn't taken the leap in which we thought, Ben Bartch did ok coming in for cann but I'm not sold on him being a starter, Linder retires and Shatley now 1st string. That position is unknown and robinson who just hasn't been consistent in his years. Yes he played better last year but I honestly feel it was because his contract. The coaches are yet sold again that this is the starting 5 so if we draft someone like Neal where would he play and would we allow a 1st round pick ride the bench til his time? Next is linebackers. Honestly we have nobody outside of Oluokun and that's not good. Quarterman hasn't stepped up yet maybe he will, chassion is just the worse and I don't kno anyone else. Linebacker is the heart of a defense and we have nobody. People may hate me for saying this but LB is a bigger need than WR at this point depending on the player. WRs has been a upgrade adding kirk not sure on zay Jones just yet but we'll see. If we draftva WR I'm looking for and outside WR that can contest catches and win them. Edge rushers...people may hate me again but Josh Allen is not elite yet. People say he gets double team alot and to me that's not an excuse. If Garrett, watt, bosa, donald etc all can still make impacts while receiving the same double teams then its no excuse. We definitely need another edge rusher that can help Allen and this dline. Smoot is good but better in rotation and arden key will definitely help out as well. Our secondary can use some competition just to keep people on there toes. Running back is unknown til ettiene steps on the field and robinson comes back but I wouldn't mind a late round rb that's shifty and catch out the backfield. TE is not as bad this year as last year but if trey Mcbride is on the board I would take him. Curious to hear you guys thoughts about the roster and this draft predictions.

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