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2022 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft: Day 1 live blog

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

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This is Christmas and the Super Bowl all in one. The 2022 NFL Draft is finally here and the Jacksonville Jaguars (again) have the first overall pick.

Last year, it was very obvious the pick would be Trevor Lawrence. I mean, the city changed its colors to purple and orange all over the city and its bridges, for God’s sake. But what will they do this year when there’s no real consensus?

We’re about to find out!

We’ll be updating this live blog all day (and running live blogs every day of the draft) and packing in every rumor, piece of news, and mention of the Jaguars.

Live blog

12:53 AM: Last update, we promise. So, who won the trade last night? Looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if you use Jimmy Johnson’s old draft scoring card.

11:02 PM: The Jaguars have given up multiple picks to move back up in the first round for Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd.


8:42 PM: If Trent Baalke trades back up into the first round to get Tyler Linderbaum or Treylon Burks, I will have no choice but to stan.

8:37 PM: Not very good news for Trevor Lawrence, tbph.

8:22 PM: Aidan Hutchinson, the guy most of us thought would be the pick, goes with the No. 2 overall pick. He’s joining the Detroit Lions.

8:16 PM: Travon Walker is official! The Jacksonville Jaguars have made the Georgia defensive lineman their No. 1 overall pick.

8:04 PM: It’s a good pick.


5:07 PM: JP Shadrick with the one-on-one with Trent Baalke.

3:12 PM: Whew. These types of draft day videos get me every... single... time.

2:08 PM: The first of (hopefully) many good decisions over the next few days. Locking Josh Allen in was a no-brainer for the Jaguars.

12:32 PM: What?

10:14 AM: The Travon Walker Hype Train is real and it’s spectacular.

10:13 AM: Get ready for tonight with this excellent podcast from Charles McDonald and Fantasy Underdog.

9:45 AM: What positions do Jaguars’ head coach Doug Pederson and general manager Trent Baalke favor by round? Find out the the trends here:

8:24 AM: Y’all will want to read this piece by Steven Ruiz because I have a feeling that Trent Baalke is going to be targeting multiple Georgia defenders over the next few days.