Way way way too early 53-man roster prediction

QB: (T. Lawrence, CJ Beathard)

Enough said.

RB: (J. Robinson, T. Etienne, S. Connor, R. Armstead)

First three are a lock, Armstead could be switched with Cottrell or an UDFA depending on how camp goes.

WR: (C. Kirk, M. Jones, Z. Jones, L. Shenault, J. Agnew, L. Treadwell)

Not an elite group, but still decent. I am still a believer in Shenault being a go-to guy if he is utilized in the right way and found a way to fix his drop issue during the offseason. Treadwell could lose his spot if a better UDFA from this year or last year steps up.

TE: (E. Engram, D. Arnold, C. Manhertz, L. Farrell)

Again, not elite but a solid group for Trevor. I'm not big on Engram but I love Dan Arnold, hopefully Pederson knows the right plays and schemes for both of them. Also interested to see Farrell's progression in year two.

OL: (C. Robinson, B. Scherff, L. Fortner, B. Bartch, W. Little, J. Taylor, T. Shatley, W. Richardson, KC McDermott)

A little nervous about this group. Robinson and Scherff are good but have injury history. Bartch, Fortner and Little are unproven but could all be starters. Taylor has starting experience but has not played well since coming to the NFL. Shatley, Richardson, and McDermott are great depth.

DT: (F. Fatukasi, M. Brown, D. Hamilton, J. Tufele)

Decent group up front, interested to see year three from Hamilton and year two from Tufele.

DE/OLB: (J. Allen, T. Walker, A. Key, D. Smoot, K. Chaisson, R. Robertson-Harris)

Allen is a stud, Key and Smoot are good temporary starters for when/if Walker develops. Chaisson and Robertson-Harris are both on the bubble and could lose out to Jordan Smith or an UDFA.

LB: (F. Oluokun, D. Lloyd, S. Quarterman, C. Muma)

Love the Lloyd pick and the starters for this position overall. Muma was a good pick too and he and Quarterman will be valuable assets for special teams. Chapelle Russell could also sneak his way on to the roster or replace Quarterman depending on how camp and preseason go.

CB: (S. Griffin, T. Campbell, D. Williams, T. Herndon, G. Junior, M. Brown)

Top four guys are locks in my opinion. Junior and Brown could be practice squad guys if Claybrooks/Rusnak/UDFA out-preforms them in camp. Still, I really like the Brown pick, more skeptical about the Junior pick.

S: (R. Jenkins, A. Cisco, R. Ford, A. Wingard, D. Thomas)

Excited to see Cisco start this season. Ford, Wingard, and Thomas are great special teams pieces and can all contribute on defense if needed.

ST: (L. Cooke, R. Matiscik, M. Wright)

Kicker competition will be interesting, but I'll give this spot to Wright because I'm biased and went to high school with him.

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