With a first selection of the 2023 and setting a record for number of consecutive #1 Draft Picks..

With needs all over the team.. Especially to protect our #1 pick from last year.. who was slammed to the ground all last year and had little in the way of player to throw too. We get almost nothing but Defense with exception of a Center and another RB.. A draft supposedly full of great WRs and we get a single RB.. Dude.. I hope Pederson can do something with this mess.

FWIW the Tampa Bay Bucs have picked #1 back to back twice, the Cleveland Browns have picked #1 twice back to and now the Jaguars have the honor of being the third to pick #1 twice in a row.

Another interesting fact.. Since 2008 all but ONE year ( 2018 ) we have picked top 10 for the other 13 years. I haven't done the research but that has to be a record.... and we keep this joker as GM.. Ugh

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