My Draft Opinion

Overall this was solid draft. I know alot of people hate that they didn't choose more offensive players but I had feeling this draft was going to be more defensive because this class was majority defensive players. We already gained our offensive weapons during free agency and I get it we didn't feel every position but we gained necessary players to help this offense. Trevor lawrence isnt the only player on this team and no matter how many weapons you surround at QB, if Lawrence doesnt take that next step and become better than last year then that's going to be a major problem than WRs. What I see alot of fans forgot from last year is that our defense gave up 30pts or more to 8 teams we played against. Watching this defense last year was a headache cause they could never get off the field. This is why they drafted majority defensive players. Now the 2022 Draft Class...

TRAVON WALKER- I didn't like the pick cause of different reasons. First being weren't able to trade back, get more picks and grab the same player. Reason being is because word got out after the combine about the jags liking walker over everybody and that automatically forced every team to stay where they're at. Secondly the jags doesn't do well with "potential" players. Examples Fowler, Taven Bryan, Alualu, Chassion..etc. Third to me better proven players could've been taken. I hope he surprises me is how I leave this pick.

Devin Lloyd- The best pick of our draft hands down. I was hoping we could somehow grab him or Dean because of there instincts. We were bad LB and have been for awhile and this pick is a step in the right direction.

Luke Fortner- Definitely an underrated pick and will give some real competition at C or LG throughout camp. I can see him starting 4 or 5 just cause Shatley and Lawrence are more comfortable.

Chad Muma- I'm glad they grab 2 LBs and even more excited for this pick. He was definitely in my top 5 LBs cause of him just being everywhere on the field. Many hated grabbing 2 LBs but honestly outside of the draft we were left with nothing at this spot.

Snoop Conner- I knew at some point we'll grab a RB I would've waited but the pick is solid. Definitely reminds you of James robinson type of player with his one cut.

Gregory Junior- I just seen him as depth and special team player

Montaric Brown- I was shocked he was actually still on the board. He has a tall build and got some dawg in him. I see him beating out tre herdon and getting a spot on the roster.

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