Travon Walker has dreams to break Josh Allen’s Jaguars rookie record

Being drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, there will always be a lot of expectation on the shoulders of that individual from all around the league, let alone just at the franchise that decided to select him.

Travon Walker had the honor of being the first name called in this year’s draft class, with the Jacksonville Jaguars taking him off the board at the very first opportunity. And, it seems he wants to try and repay the faith shown by the organization in a huge way.

Whilst there may be fans that will be looking to place football bets in Mozambique on betway throughout the NFL season, the rookie has made a statement that may have many interested in betting on whether he lives up to a dream that he has.

Walker has recently revealed that he wants to be the player to take control of the rookie sack leader record that is currently held by teammate Josh Allen. Having managed to achieve 10.5 sacks in the 2019 season, Walker has made bold claims that he believes he can achieve more in the 2022 year.

Of course, there may have been some that would have been sceptical about his selection as the No. 1 pick, but if he were to break that rookie record, then you would find it extremely difficult to argue against the pick.

Jaguars are high up on Walker

Indeed, the Jaguars do appear to be rather high on Walker, with the team having already asked him to switch positions before even playing in his first NFL game. Naturally, this is perhaps something that many accomplished players may struggle with, but it seems the rookie is ready to give it his all and has already shown some encouraging signs.

Defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell recently stated that he believes the No. 1 pick can be "a force" as an outside linebacker off the edge, rather than playing as a down lineman as he did for Georgia at college.

Walker is keen to prove the team is right to change his position, as he wants to impress straight away and justify the organization’s decision to take him off the board first. Indeed, those who use Betway will be hoping he proves the franchise right, too, as they may look at him as a potential candidate that is capable of breaking the team’s rookie record.

Will the position change work?

Of course, the biggest mystery that remains at the moment is whether or not Walker will be able to make the transition successfully.

The team has already had training camps which will have given the staff and player an insight into what training is required, whilst there is still plenty of time before the 2022 NFL season begins. However, there is nothing quite like playing in the NFL to highlight just how far an individual still has to go, should they still need to work on certain aspects of their game.

It will be interesting, and we for one will be hoping the transition is smooth and effective enough to allow him to break Allen’s franchise sack leader record!

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