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Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence, Gatorade reveal new bottle collab

Trevor Lawrence and two other athletes teamed up to create custom-made Gatorade bottles, revealed today.


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback and Gatorade have teamed up again.

This time, Lawrence, along with three other young athletes, Paige Bueckers, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Sydney McLaughlin worked with Gatorade to create the sports drink’s first-ever multi-athlete bottle collection.

Gatorade worked with its young athlete partners to design custom-built Gatorade Gx bottles, featuring the creativity that is built on the moment they fell in love with the sport and game that means so much to them. The goal, Gatorade said in its press release was to “inspire the next generation to play and keep chasing their goals.”

“At Gatorade, the athlete is at the center of everything we do and we’re constantly looking for new ways to elevate their voices,” Gatorade’s Sr. Design Director, Sean Huls said via a press release.

“For us, the Gx bottle is a blank canvas for storytelling and an opportunity to collaborate with our athletes to bring their journey to life in a creative way. Our first Gx Fuel Tomorrow Collection features some of our youngest roster athletes who inspire the next generation to love the game.”

For Lawrence, he has been signed with Gatorade since just prior to being selected first overall by the Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft. Prior to that, Lawrence was a three-year starter for the Clemson Tigers. Now, he has an opportunity to blend all of his football past and love for the game in a bottle for Gatorade, something he called a “special milestone.”

“To see my story brought to life on my first-ever Gatorade Gx bottle is such a special milestone for me,” Lawrence said via press release. “As a kid, I knew I always wanted to go pro and I hope my journey inspires the next generation to keep dreaming because you’re not that far away from making it a reality.”

Lawrence’s bottle is a blend of the game of football and all the teams that have brought him to where he is today. It has plenty of representation of both Clemson and the Jaguars with orange and teal prominent colors of the design.

“Always knowing he was destined for the QB role, Trevor’s Gx Collaboration bottle pays homage to the sport and teams that have propelled him to the brightest stage,” said Huls.

“From the orange arc that mimics his throw to the color palette that nods to Clemson and Jacksonville, Trevor’s design exudes the joy the game has brought him throughout his life.”

Lawrence is entering his second season with Jacksonville, now with a new head coach in Doug Pederson. The expectations for his second year in the NFL are incredibly high, with observers waiting to see if he can live up to what many described him as - a generational quarterback.

The Jaguars will return to the practice field on July 24, officially reigning in the new era under Pederson in training camp.