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Chris Collinsworth thinks Trevor Lawrence takes leap with Doug Pederson at the helm

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence had what many would call a disappointing rookie season in 2021, though now we know there were massive problems with Urban Meyer and everything else, so it was a tough situation. With the change at head coach and bringing in Doug Pederson, some people like NFL announcer and former pro Chris Collinsworth think Lawrence could take a big leap with the quarterback friendly coach.

“It’s a match made in heaven to be honest with you,” Collinsworth said during an appearance on “The Ari Meirov Show”. “It’s a great choice. Trevor is a tough kid. The only time I saw him in person last year was in Cincinnati on a Thursday night. He runs, he runs hard. He has a real element of that. He’s going to have Travis Etienne back as his safety valve who didn’t play at all last year. Do I think they’re going to go and win the division? Probably not, but I would expect a major jump.”

The expectation in 2022 is that Lawrence will take a big leap in his second season, with no more painful droughts of touchdown passes and much less back breaking interceptions. To be fair, a lot of Lawrence’s interceptions seemed to be just a rookie desperately trying to make plays for his team because no one else on offense could.

The best chance for success for Lawrence and the Jaguars was hiring a quarterback forward coach like Pederson, so it remains to be seen what can happen with the two together in 2022.