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Evan Engram adjusting to new beginning in Jacksonville

The newest Jaguar TE spoke to Big Cat Country’s JP Acosta about being in Jacksonville

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you ask Evan Engram, he can be a pretty shy person. This made the adjustment period after signing a one year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars a little steep after spending five years in New York with the Giants.

“It takes me a while to break out of my shell,” Engram said in a phone interview. “Coming into a new place and learning again, and meeting the guys and building bonds has been a big adjustment, but from day one the energy has been great. I feel like I’ve really been welcomed in Jacksonville by the fans, teammates and coaches.”

Engram mentioned Jaguars tight end Dan Arnold as someone who brings positive energy to the locker room, and the entire tight end group welcoming him in with open arms. “He can be kind of corny, but he’s a good guy to hold yourself accountable with,” Engram said. “He’s always going to push guys around him and celebrating everyone’s big plays. He’s a great guy to work with.”

With the Giants Engram made one Pro Bowl and caught 16 touchdowns over five years, but many consider his stint in New York a disappointment. However, Engram believes the growth he experienced since coming into the NFL has been paramount. “As soon as I got into the league, I started to learn that everyone in the league is as fast or faster,” Engram said. “There’s so much skill that goes into playing my position and knowing all of the assignments. I’ve grown in a lot of disciplines, trying to master my craft and be a professional with my work ethic and everything that goes being a good teammate and successful player.”

Engram went into detail about the small tweaks he’s made to his game since entering the league. Tight ends are often a part of the offense that the common fan doesn’t pay too much attention to, but the roles and responsibilities of the position make the learning curve steep. “We have to know every position in the receiving game, as well as being in tune with protection and the offensive line,” Engram said. “It’s the most knowledgeable position on the field outside of quarterback.”

Engram said he’s had to get out of his comfort zone a little bit when he first signed with the Jaguars, but the group on the team has made his transition to Jacksonville smooth. Engram says the group hangs out off the field, and from day one Engram was included in activities the team did off the field. That combined with an offense Engram believes will be fun for Jaguars fans to watch has him excited for the upcoming season.